Cwic Clips- Practical Truth- 'By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them'

A practical gospel truth gleaned from the scriptures shows us that a higher knowledge can come from actions and results over words. Words are important, but not as important as actions and results. We therefore can have a higher knowledge of things 'by their fruits'.



and then in verse 16 is something that's

very kind of near and dear to me and

that is you know the name of this

podcast is quick media culture and

practical theology and I believe that

our theology our that that our belief

that the gospel is very practical and I

try to point that out as much as I can

and right here I see a truth that lines

right up with that and it says here in

verse 16 ye shall know them by their

fruits do men gather grapes of thorns or

figs of thistles in other words that's

how you know if something is true or not

more than anything else I think is you

hash it out you take a look at what are

the results you can listen to someone

and they can be very flowery they can be

very convincing with something but what

are the results of this what are the

fruits that have happened from this

that's how I think you ought to look at

things think about ideologies today and

we're seeing that the in politically the

left and the right so if we look back

and we look at Marxism with Lenin

and then later with Stalin and Mao and

Pol Pot and etc Venezuela right now we

see an ideology there that people seem

to want to continue to return to over

and over again because up front you have

the sheep's clothing it is this is

empathetic this is fair for everybody

but what are the fruits of this ideology

to me there's a ravenous wolf behind it

and the same goes on the other end of

the political spectrum when we when we

focus too much on nationalism or we

focus too much on a fundamental view of

judgment and order even too much and

there's no we don't give any leeway to

things then there's a lot of things in

sheep's clothing that you could say hey

we're taking care of things so that you

don't need to

or we are making things right or yes you

need to be judgmental against somebody

who does something wrong but behind that

what are the fruits event our people

hurt because of that our do people

suffer because of that is there what

happens to you when you adopt that as a

person into your heart and so these

ideologies can go out there and the

fruits of these things that we look at

in anything in life and just politically

here I'm just giving an example but

anything in life we can look at the

fruits to get a much better idea of what

is the truth of something an idea the

words that are coming from someone I

think that's what matters the most

words are very much secondary they're

important they're important but moving

into this trigger culture that we're

going into where we're offended by it

what everybody says look at what the

what the meat is behind it

I think we look there first and then

we talk about speech and he follows up

with a phrase that says wherefore by

their fruits you shall know them I think

that's a really good principle to follow

a very practical principle to follow and

then he says something going back to the

speech part important but secondary he

says not everyone that saith unto me

Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom

of heaven but he that doeth the will of

my father which is in heaven so the

speech is important but it matters

pretty much to nothing if there isn't

any meat behind it if there isn't any

practical use behind it if you are if

you are pure Theory if you are pure

words but there is no meat behind it

then watch out then there is a problem

you could we see examples of this people

sitting in ivory towers where this

happens or they are made up as

white supple curse as Jesus says later

on and it reminds me a little bit

Joseph Smith history where he's in the

first vision and he's being told look

there's a lot of people that are gonna

honor me with their lips right but

they're I'm paraphrasing here but their

hearts are far from me

I think it is or their minds or hearts

are far from me and that's a great

example of exactly what Jesus is saying

here not everybody who says Lord Lord is

going to enter into the kingdom of God

but the people that do the will of the



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