Cwic Clips- Mary & Women as The Throne

cwic clips mary throne women Nov 20, 2019

How Mary & Women represent the throne in many ancient civilizations.



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and then he sneaks in this little tidbit

here this this nice little nugget at the

end of chapter 1 when Christ is speaking

with Nathanael and he says here

that Nathanael answered and saith unto

him unto Jesus rabbi thou art the Son of

God so he's professing who he is Andy

and then he says thou art the king of

Israel and so this is a Melchizedek

title in a sense meaning the king of

righteousness the king of Israel and it

is a precursor to what John covers

throughout the entire book so let's and

those are some important things to

notice here because as we go into

chapter 2 here what John is doing is he

is showing how Jesus is the new

Melchizedek and the symbolism in the

story of the marriage at Cana is is one

of a very symbolic of the Melchizedek

Priesthood and of Christ bringing the

new Melchizedek it's interesting in the

very first verse that John mentions that

the mother of Jesus was there at the

wedding at the marriage and I think that

that's important I think that what he is

doing here is showing that Jesus is the

king the prophesied King the Messiah the

new Melchizedek the reason that's

showing that is that whenever you have a

king you have to have the title nearby

of mother the mother needs to be present

because the mother is the one that is

going to give birth to the king and

there was a number of ways that that is

symbolic in in the gospel and in the Old

Testament the mother is the throne so

anciently when you saw a king sitting on

a throne the throne was the mother

because you always knew who the mom was

and so she represents that authority

in that sense she is the throne she

might even be the crown as well but she

is the throne

so for example in the third

facsimile in the Book of Abraham you

have Osiris the king sitting on the

throne which represents which Abraham is

v Osiris a lot of people were v Osiris

right they are we all wanted to be

Osiris in Egypt because as we were the

Osiris we were the king it's the same

thing in Israel


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