Come Follow Me LDS- Ether 12-15

'Faith, Hope & Charity'
- Moroni covers the attributal progression of Faith, Hope & Charity
- We show weakness to enter into the Fluid Hierarchy
- Disparity and injustice allow us to exercise charity
- Forced equality is the plan of Lucifer in the War in Heaven


 Raw Transcript

all right
all right this is the quick media come
follow me series we are focusing this
episode on
ether chapters 12 to 15 we'll be
rounding out
the book of ether we're going to spend
most of our time here
in chapter 12. for me this is one of the
best chapters in all of scripture
moroni takes over this chapter
and this becomes a major part of his
where as he observes and abridges the
record of
ether and the jaredites he inserts these
things here
that have to do with spiritual gifts
hope and charity which is his parting
in moroni chapter 10 as well as the idea
relational covenant where we are helping
each other out
here with the different different
spiritual gifts that we are given so
we're going to spend a a a fair amount
of time here in chapter 12
and then the rest of the chapters we're
just going to kind of move through
but let's delve in here here we have at
the beginning of chapter 12 and it came
to pass that the days of ether were in
the days of coryantomer
and coriantimer was king over all the
land this is
coriantomer who is going to end up being
the last
surviving jaredite and he will actually
end up with the mulekites in zarahemla
it appears
presenting to them or showing them where
he has a stone
that is a record of his people this is a
record than the 24 plates
of ether that moroni is
abridging but he ends up staying
and living with the mulakites for nine
months before his death
so we get a little bit of an overlap
here between
the gyradites and the mulikites
although that overlap is probably a
couple hundred several hundred years
the nephites run into the milochites
in zarahemla now he goes over something
and opens up the chapter in this way i'm
going to move down here
to verse 3. it says and this is moroni
talking about ether
he opens up with a subject he says for
he did cry from the morning even until
the going down of the sun
exhorting the people to believe in god
unto repentance
that's the savior right lest they should
destroyed again this is the concept that
we keep hitting on in the book of mormon
as the doctrine of christ is ignored
the people start falling away and we can
see that in any civilization it doesn't
have to be a
christian civilization or a
judaic christian civilization
there are things that have everything to
do with the doctrine of christ without
specifically attributing them to him
that are eternal principles in any
civilization that would
help hold it together what would they be
they would be family
they would be liberty and opportunity
these are all things that have to do
with the doctrine of christ they would
have to do with
trust and faith
being able to submit into a fluid
opportunity right these are these are
all things
where agency can be used and where we
looking toward others and supporting
others and not
leaning toward the great and spacious
building of pride
so that can happen in any civilization
but especially
where a people is a covenant people of
the lord
and they have the gospel and they have
the fullness of the doctrine of christ
and they reject it then of course things
start to fall apart so he's exhorting
the people to believe in god or jesus
unto repentance unless they should be
that's the consequence of ignoring it
saying unto them that
by faith all things are fulfilled that's
this is moroni's words
that's interesting right that by faith
all things are fulfilled he's going to
go into
faith hope and charity a strong message
paul in the new testament in first
and we're going to go there and make
some comparisons here
between moroni and paul so then he moves
on here and goes beyond faith in verse
four he says wherefore
who so believeth in god might with
hope for a better world all right so a
better world is a very important thing
to understand
we've been going over the idea of the
promised land which is
uh blatantly evident throughout the book
of mormon with the jaredites and within
with the lehites and of course the
themes that we find throughout the book
of mormon with the children of israel
who were also looking toward the
promised land
well what he says here that they who so
believeth in god
might with surety hope for a better
this is an idea of the promised land
hope and a promised land go together
what is the promised land
as we've said that is our destination
that is
exaltation that's what it represents it
is part of the abrahamic
covenant and so keep that in mind here
hope is an understanding of our future
of our opportunity that we are given
through the mercy grace and love
of god he expounds on that a little bit
here and says even a place at the right
hand of god
which hope cometh of faith
so i've done something on this you know
that on on on
an episode here uh that is on faith
it's the first of three segments i need
to do the other two segments
but understand that faith hope and
are sequential one is a result of its
attribute so hope comes because of faith
and charity comes because of hope
and that's how it is explained here by
moroni it's actually how it's explained
by paul as well
he says that hope maketh an anchor to
the souls of men
which would make them sure and steadfast
always abounding
in good works that's the charity
being led to glorify god so right there
in those those
that scripture verse 4 we have faith
and charity and each of those attributes
leads to the next one
so we need to understand the
between those three attributes we see
that having an
anchor in hope
then gives us the opportunity to have
charity it's kind of like
the idea of of of a uh
being in an airplane right and the
oxygen max mask
drops what are you supposed to do if
you're with someone else or with a child
right you need to get that on yourself
once you have that
you have an anchor and you can help
everyone around you it's the same idea
with the gospel
it's not that you're waiting for
perfection or you're waiting for a
greater testimony
to serve or help others but the greater
hope in a promised land in your future
in understanding your purpose as being
created in the
image of god and given the opportunity
to be all that he is
and and to have all that he has then
that anchor of hope then
and looking forward what can be for you
then gives you the ability to have chair
all right down to six
and now i moroni would speak somewhat
concerning these things again he's
inserting himself
at what point at the very end of the
jaredite record
where they're heading toward destruction
that's where he's putting this
in right because it's it's faith hope
and charity that is
lacking in the jaredite nation here
and now i i would speak somewhat
concerning these things i would show
unto the world
that face faith is things that which are
hoped for
and not seen it's not hope
it's things which are hoped for and not
seen we can look at the future
there right a future is not seen yet
it is trust faith
is trust wherefore dispute not because
you see
not that's trust for you receive no
witness until after the trial of your
faith okay so that's
an important message throughout the book
of mormon about
faith itself that you cannot put the
cart before the horse
you can't have the sign before the trial
of your faith
why because faith is everything
and if you always had the sign in front
of your the fit your faith
then you'll never grow you'll never
develop you'll never build
trust and that is the key to the entire
is building trust especially in jesus
he goes on to say all of these events
that have happened because of faith that
the brother of jerry for example sees
christ because of faith and eventually
his his knowledge
not the other way around down in 19
it's kind of interesting what what he
says here
about faith and it's it puts us into
that idea of
of a set law that the lord is bound to
right i the lord am bound when ye do
as i say you know when you are obedient
he says here in nineteen and there were
many whose faith was so exceedingly
even before christ came who could not be
kept from within the veil
but truly saw with their eyes the things
which they had beheld
with an eye of faith and they were glad
okay so they could not be held from
beyond the veil as we've talked about
with the brother of jared
right the lord is bound to reveal
himself and anything is bound to happen
mercy or grace uh
vision the veil is going to be rent
based on
our faith but the faith has to be there
down in 23 this is the perfect place to
have this here
because we need to talk more about the
fluid hierarchy here
but in 2021
but in 22 we get again the idea of the
weakness of the prophet
right like like nephi oh that i were an
but right it's it's it's about being
weak it's about
moses not being strong in word
we we always get these things about
these prophets where we see
their weaknesses where typically
especially in writing
they are going to offer that up to us
right they're going to give that to us
why because
what they're doing is they're giving us
an example of their passage into
the fluid hierarchy for them to
enter into the fluid hierarchy they have
to show weakness
they have to be humble and they're going
to show weakness to
god to the lord at a minimum
that's how you insert yourself into the
fluid hierarchy if it is
if you don't have the weakness and
you're not going to
bring those weaknesses forward you
cannot enter into the fluid hierarchy
because what's going to happen
is your pride is going to try and push
you up higher
into that hierarchy right you're going
to reign supreme in your own life
and you're better than so and so and
etc etc no the the ticket
into the fluid hierarchy is
your weaknesses and expounding on those
and bringing those forward so that's
what the prophets do
and here in 23 it says and i said unto
lord the gentiles will mock at these
things this is moroni
because of our weakness in writing
he talks about the weakness in writing
which is taking their
hebrew thought and putting it into
egyptian reformed egyptian here
and it's very difficult for them to do
they lose a lot in their writing
they say they're mighty in word he says
right then we're mighty in word by faith
but we are weak in our writing
moses would say he was he was weak in
his word
but nonetheless there's a reason moroni
is putting this in here why is he
talking about this weakness right now
yes he's talking about where his worry
about the gentiles and
how they're going to respond to the book
of mormon
and to these words that are being
abridged here by him and his father
but this is an important place with
faith hope and charity
to talk about going into the fluid
hierarchy and showing your weakness
he says a little further when we write
we behold our weakness
and stumble because of the placing of
our words and i fear lest the gentiles
shall mock at our words which certainly
when you think about think about the
importance of what they're doing and how
how crucial they're they're thinking out
every word
right every hieroglyph every everything
that they're going to put in place here
understanding the role that the book of
mormon is going to have
in the last days but the lord speaks
unto moroni
says and my grace is sufficient for the
meek that they shall take no advantage
your weakness and then 27 the famous
scripture here this is
putting everything into context when we
hear this this verse
and if men come unto me wait a minute
he was just talking about himself right
he's talking about himself and his
father and
their weakness and writing why does he
go to this now with and if men
come unto me it's because he was just
giving us the
example of coming unto him with
weakness that is how you enter
into the fluid hierarchy if they will
come unto me i will show unto them their
i give unto men weakness that they may
humble crucial crucial
uh characteristic to have and my grace
is sufficient for all men that humble
themselves before me
for if they think of the hierarchy for
if they humble themselves before me
if they punch that ticket and have
faith in me there's our faith
then will i make weak things become
unto them so it's like we're moving
ourselves over into that escalator
right of that hierarchy of an escalator
right and and so
we then can grow and move forward
through that hierarchy that moves us
toward the savior
if we enter with weakness
and that's what the the savior taught
his whole mission his whole time in
everything he did he he praised the
father for
and turns to the father's will he had to
into the fluid hierarchy he had to show
his submission and then he says here
talking about the gentiles
behold i will show unto the gentiles
their weakness
and i will show unto them that faith
hope and
charity bringeth unto me
the fountain of all righteousness
this is the thrust of moroni's message
of his of his overall message to us
at the end of the book of mormon here it
is about spiritual gifts
the fluid hierarchy and especially
focused in here on
faith hope and charity
all right a few more dipping into here
some of these verses
verse 29 i know that thou workest being
the lord
unto the children of men according to
their faith
and then in 32 and i also remember that
thou has said that thou has prepared a
house for man right again that's the
that's what we're looking forward to
that's going to be tied to hope
yeah even among the mansions of thy
father in
which man might have a more excellent
hope that's the promised land right
that's what hope is tied to knowing who
are and and what your future is
wherefore man must hope or he cannot
receive an
inheritance in the place which thou hast
those go together hope and that
inheritance of the promised land
of the holy of holies of the celestial
are tied and bound together
all right now he's going to transition
into charity and he says here in 33
and again i remember that thou has said
that thou hast loved
the world remember charity is simply
love we can say going to the greek that
it is agape right it's the highest form
of love
we oftentimes say that uh because we're
told here
in the book of mormon right in here that
that charity is the pure love of christ
okay but it's it's it's love it's pure
and we should think of charity more in
those terms we think of
faith as trust we need to think of
charity more
as love which is our works our
efforts toward god and our fellow men
it says i remember that thou has said
that thou has to love the world
even under the laying down of thy life
for the world that thou mightest take it
again to prepare a place for the
children of men
right again that's the hope so we've got
hope and charity there
34 and now i know that this love
which thou hast had for the children of
men is charity
wherefore except men shall have charity
they cannot inherit that place which
thou has prepared in the mansions of thy
father okay
again see he's all the words here he
understands exactly what all these words
these aren't some abstract positive
the the they each have a specific
faith is trust that creates growth and
and hope hope is an understanding of the
promised land of who you are
and where you're going and charity is
the love
that christ had for us
so why is it then that he's talking
about charity for us when that's the
love of christ
well of course because again as we've
talked about often
the doctrine of christ its real focus is
you becoming like christ
that's the key right it's about becoming
so we need to have the love that christ
has for us
we need to have that love for god and we
need to have that love for our fellow
and without that we fall short
then we get something really interesting
here in verse 35 you have to wonder
if christ when he was in the
americas and his visit didn't go over
the parable of the talents
this is key to understanding when we get
to moroni 10 we'll go into this
a little deeper but it's one of the best
parables i believe out there for
the plan of salvation for understanding
the doctrine of christ
and for understanding charity right what
are the talents that are given remember
there one servant is given five
one is two and one is one what are those
talents they're they're
weights of money it's money it's not
piano playing and singing and all these
other things you can say some of those
things are
what are given as gifts but really
that's what it is it's what we are given
of who we are you might be really
you might have wealth you might have
someone else may lack in education
or opportunity in some place in the
world or they
they lack in humility or you lack
in relationships the ability to create
good relationships
you know we're all deficient in areas
and then we are all given gifts
in other areas and if we think it's just
that has accomplished things then we're
building our own tower
of babel right our own great and
spacious building
all of these things are gifts from god
these are the
talents the coins they're not really
coins but they're
it's a weight of money a weight of
right that is given to us that's what
those are they're spiritual
and and temporal gifts from god
the question is is how are we going to
use them
that is has everything to do with
and i want to speak on this just a
little bit here because i think this is
really important in our day and age
in understanding things that are really
pushed forward here such as
terms like equality and justice
right this we need to be very very
with with bumper sticker type
uh slogans and and to understand things
right the the whole war in heaven to me
is about this
it's about this idea of of equality and
justice not equality of
opportunity which is what the lord's
plan is
but a forced equality of outcome which
is what lucifer's plan is
that was the war in heaven one side with
the doctrine of christ with christ at
the head
who was the king right wanted to offer
liberty and agency for everyone
well in order for that to work you have
to offer certain opportunities
what is that going to create that is
going to create
disparity right that's going to create
injustices in the world the world is not
and it's going to be in many different
areas like i've just gone over
everybody's given different types of
well that's the plan of salvation if it
there weren't
discrepancies in in in
each of these areas emotional spiritual
health then there is no opportunity for
us to
offer charity for to offer love
right you have to have opportunity to
others to lift them up and just as
you have to have opportunity to reach up
and learn and to grow and to be pulled
up in
a certain area to try and
create the hat you know a fight between
the haves and the have-nots
only or oppressor and oppressee
right is is is a false narrative
it's not that that doesn't happen it
but that is you've got the most
important thing is to understand the
plan of salvation
we're down here in mortality so that we
can develop
faith hope and charity
and that doesn't come about by forcing
equality it comes about by opportunity
it comes about through our agency and
through living righteous lives
and loving those around us and not
around us
but he says here in 35 wherefore i know
by this thing which thou has said that
if the gentiles have
not charity because of our weakness it's
entering weakness again there
then thou wilt prove them and take away
talent all right take away their gift
right now think about the gentiles who
they're talking about here in the latter
it's it's mostly what you would call
north america and maybe
a little bit of the west right well they
happen to have
an advantage a lot of people call it a
right we need to remember that that is a
gift those are
gifts that have been given through
certain principles
that have been followed and through just
certain geography and a lot of other
things in culture
mostly christianity but all that
can easily be removed and and we're
more and more into danger land there
right because we're falling further and
further away from the tree of life
and that talent right those gifts
are going to be taken away that's what
we're told here
yeah even that which they have received
and given unto them
who shall have more abundantly and again
that that goes all against what people
think about equality also
right what happens to the person in the
parable with five talents
they go out and they use it they invest
it what does that mean
it means they're going out and working
and offering charity for others and
therefore they are given
more abundantly and he gets five that
servant gets five more
talents and the one with two goes out
and does the same thing
so there's an understanding of a
hierarchy that's already in place
why does someone have five to begin with
why is that the example of the parable
and then someone only has two is that
fair that's not the point
the point is is that the hierarchy is
fluid because of opportunity
we're all placed in different places in
different times
with different gifts and then you get
another one in the hierarchy someone
only gets one
the interesting thing about that parable
is the one that is poorest in that in
spiritual gifts
that really needs to work the hardest to
develop them
right is the one that loses it
they lose what they had and it's given
to the one who had five to begin with
how does that sound in our world of
today why does that happen
because someone is offering more faith
hope and charity
that's the key it doesn't matter where
we are in the hierarchy
it doesn't matter if we have five
talents today or two or one
what matters is that we have a
bond a covenant to following the
doctrine of christ
and then that gives us the opportunity
to grow and to get more talents
right and which means more spiritual
gifts which means more progression
which means moving up the fluid
hierarchy of opportunity
and growth that is provided by the plan
of salvation
all right so then he follows that up and
goes over a little bit more about
you know faith hope and charity which
are also in a hierarchy
right faith creates hope hope creates
charity is at the top so we start with
faith which is the first principle of
the gospel
but we've got to get to charity here in
37 and it came to pass that the lord
said unto me
if they have not charity this is the
gentiles by the way
it mattereth not unto thee thou hast
been faithful
wherefore thy garments shall be made
clean and because
thou has seen thy weakness because thou
has seen thy weakness
thou shalt be made strong so he has
entered into that hierarchy and
shown his weakness right even under the
sitting down
in the place that's tied to hope
which i have prepared in the mansions of
my father you see how he's weaving all
of this together
he's going to do the same thing in a
different way more explicitly
in moroni 10. and then lastly in 39 just
as he
kind of throws us all together here
he says and then shall ye know that i
seen jesus this is crucial
right in other words he's gone through
the faith he's gone through the hope
he's gone through the charity he's
telling us
that he has done this
that he has gone through the faith and
then received the sign here
the veil has been rent for him just like
it was for the brother of jared
and that he hath talked with me face to
and that he told me in plain humility
even as a man telleth another
in mine own language concerning these
things so it's jesus that face to face
talked to moroni about faith
hope and charity and
submitting into the fluid hierarchy
through an acknowledgement of your
now i want to go over to paul real quick
when you go to first corinthians
and and see a parallelism here that's
being built
from paul that is identical
really in in many ways to what moroni is
teaching us
now a lot of critics of the book of
mormon say that well how does moroni
start pulling
all this faith hope and charity out it's
obviously something he stole from paul
from the new testament well that's not
right i mean the truth of the matter is
is they're pulling from similar sources
maybe the savior himself
right we're told that moroni here is
taught directly from the savior
but there's probably records maybe in
the brass plates also
that are going to specifically go over
faith hope and share well we know there
are you know why because
there are references before this
throughout the book of mormon about
faith hope and charity so paul has the
same thing and
and we see it in first corinthians 13
but again let's build out a little bit
and get some context to this
and some clear understanding and look at
the parallels that we just had
and we found in chapter 12 of ether
starting off in chapter 11 of first
he says be ye followers of me he's
talking to those at corinth
be followers of me even as i also
am of christ first verse here
he's building a hierarchy right
you are my followers i am a follower of
christ follow me just as i follow christ
that's a very common thing we got that
with a savior and the disciples during
the time of christ's visit there with
the sacrament right
and then he goes further on into
hierarchy right away remember this
kind of controversial today but here's
verse three it says but i would have you
know that the head of every man is
and the head of the woman is the man and
the head of christ is god what is he
doing here
i'm not going to go into the reasonings
behind this it's much more fluid here in
this hierarchy than you think it is
i've done that already if you go back
and look at that episode in in
come follow me new testament but he's
building a hierarchy
why is he building up through a
hierarchy going
to talk about faith open charity here in
a couple chapters
well it's the same reason that moroni
was doing it this is all part of this
the faith hope and charity are the
attributes you gain
and growth as you enter into the
then he talks about prayer and and men
not covering their heads and women
covering their heads we get all of that
so he also says and creates some
fluidity in this right in verse 11 he
says nevertheless neither is the man
without the woman neither the woman
without the man in the lord he's talking
offering more fluidity right
in in the hierarchy for as the woman is
of the man
even so is the man also by the woman
but all things of god and of course
that's the way it works in
a royal hierarchy right the royal
is not about the king right the royal
hierarchy is all about the queen and the
remember that it's about the queen and
the sun remember in england right now
you have a queen
her husband is only prince the prince
prince philip
he's not the king right it's not as
patriarchal as you think
it is patriarchal but it is more fluid
than you think it is
but again he's going through a hierarchy
and then he says something interesting
going down to verse 30 here in chapter
11 of first corinthians
for this cause many are weak
he's talking about taking the sacrament
when you're not worthy
and sickly among you and many sleep
for if we would judge ourselves we
should not be judged okay so
he goes into weakness into weakness a
little bit here just like moroni was
these are themes these are topics that
are going to be brought together
because they go together and probably
because they're already written
together and then of course in chapter
12 of first corinthians
what do we get now concerning spiritual
gifts brethren i would not have you
this is the parable of the talents
that moroni was going over right and
then he goes through a lot what moroni
does in chapter 10 of moroni
wherefore i give you to understand that
no man speaking by the spirit of god
calleth jesus accursed and that no man
can say that jesus is the lord but by
the holy ghost that's chapter 10
of moroni for the one is given by the
spirit the word of wisdom to another the
word of knowledge by the same spirit to
another faith by the same spirit
to another the gifts of healing by the
same spirit it goes on and on and on
this is all about charity again what is
paul saying here
we're all different we're all given
different things
some things at a high level some at a
very low level
in some cases we're way low down in that
in that hierarchy
in its hierarchical structure think of
how many
of god's children have ever received the
fullness of the gospel
have ever had the chance of even being
baptized and receiving the ordinances of
the gospel the full ordinance of the
it's an extremely small amount how just
is that
no that's the whole point it has to come
from a small group
and then go out so that humanity as a
can exert charity
through missionary work and service and
and prophesying and preaching and
lifting others up
that's the whole point that is the plan
of salvation
but each of these gifts are supposed to
work all together right
but all these worketh that one and the
same same spirit the holy ghost
dividing to every man severally as he
will and again that's i'm including
gifts in this also for as the body is
one and half many members
and all the members of that one body
being many are one body
so also is christ okay this is all about
charity and the love of christ
we need to exert the same with the gifts
that were given and
reach up through love through charity
where we lack and then finally the
chapter on faith open charity right now
that we've built up to it
in chapter 13 says though i speak with
the tongues of men and angels and have
not charity i am become as sounding
brass or a tinkling
symbol it's the same thing moroni said
we can have all of the spiritual gifts
we can have faith we can have hope
but if we don't have charity right we
are nothing
again in verse 2 and though i have the
gift of prophecy and understand all
and all knowledge and though i have all
so that i could remove mountains
right in that chapter 12 of ether we
talked about the brother of jared moving
the mount
mount zarin right it doesn't matter
that's what moroni was saying there it's
the same point
it's important faith had him move that
that we don't know about because it's in
the 24 plates and
and moroni doesn't give us the story on
that but he refers to it there
in chapter 12. but the point moroni is
saying is he's building up hey
all these things are from faith and you
have to have it all these things are for
hope and you have to have it
but they're nothing if you don't have
same exact thing here so that even if i
had all the faith that i could remove
mountains and have not charity i'm
because i'm not being like christ
and even though i bestow all my goods to
feed the poor
and though i give my body to be burned
and have not charity it profiteth me
right and of course this is now in verse
four going to give us the opposite of
the great and spacious building
charity suffereth long and is kind
charity envieth not charity vaunteth not
itself is not puffed up
right tree of life the doctrine of
christ with charity
and the great and spacious building
which is puffed up remember in the new
testament they talk about puffed up
talking about loving bread is a good
example of that
right it's hypocrisy it's pride
and lastly and now abideth faith hope
charity these three
but the greatest of these is charity
that's the hierarchical structure of
those three attributes
all right quickly dipping into these
other these other chapters here
chapter 13 we hear about the new
jerusalem and the old jerusalem
and interestingly ether as a jaredite
prophet you know he
prophesied about christ too he
prophesied about
the new jerusalem so he was prophesying
about the house of israel
he was prophesying about the difference
between joseph
and judah the old jerusalem and the new
moroni says this about ether and he
spake also concerning the house of
and the jerusalem from whence lehi
should come
he prophesied about lehi
that it should be built up again a holy
city under the lord
and that in verse 6 and that a new
jerusalem shall be built upon
this land he's talking about the
under the remnant of the seed of joseph
for which things there have been a type
okay just interesting there that ether
is talking about
the house of israel as a jaredite
okay then in chapter 14 and now there
began to be a great curse upon all the
land because of the iniquity of the
in which if a man should lay his tool or
his sword upon his shelf
or upon the place whether he would keep
it behold upon the morrow
he could not find it so great was the
curse upon the land okay
we've heard this before right with the
secret combinations in it with the
with the nephites and the lamanites and
the gadiantin robbers
well the exact same thing is happening
here right the secret combinations have
taken over
so when we talk about a curse on the
land what are we talking about here
yes there could be mud slides i've heard
that one before there could be
that the earth is opening up and things
are looking what are we really talking
about here we're talking about a
complete lack of trust
a complete lack of faith in your fellow
man we're talking about robbers
we're talking about nothing is safe
right that's the world that they live in
you don't there is no charity toward
from one man or one woman to another
so that's the curse nothing is safe
nothing is secure and then finally here
in chapter 15 we get to the last two
leaders the last two individuals of the
entire jaredite nation
right cory antomer who we've mentioned
already who ends up with amulekites
and shiz the two sides that end up
fighting and again isn't it interesting
that you can have all these tribes
but they end up going and dividing into
that's the way things usually end up no
we're told here in verse 2 that there
were nearly two millions of
the people of ether that were killed
that were destroyed
two million in that time period until
until shiz and coryantom are the only
ones left
cory antomer ends up killing shiz
cutting off his head
and then ends up as the last wandering
jaredite until he finds
the mulakites and it's all because
the lack of the doctrine of christ right
the the ability to
insert yourself looking upward first
into the fluid hierarchy bringing your
understanding that you have weaknesses
understanding that you may not have be
the five talent person in everything
you may only have two or one but
whatever you have it comes from god
and and again you might have five
talents in one way and
one in another it's all different
but if we can insert ourselves into that
fluid hierarchy with our weaknesses
understanding there's a hierarchy and a
hierarchy is good
it's positive it is growth
it is the plan and that by doing so and
inserting ourselves in there that we can
then take advantage
of faith hope and charity and develop
those three things
sequentially right each one will produce
the next
and that will move us up through that
fluid hierarchy
where the result is basically the it's
the tree of life
we are becoming like the savior
as we take on and develop those
i'll talk to you next time


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