7 Threats in Our Times - Threat 3 - The Loss of the Noble Male and the Rise of Malevolent Compassion

What has happened to the men (Noble Male) in the West?
What happens when compassion is "untethered?"
Culture cannot function properly without the balance of men and women.
The Noble Male is driven by two engines, as on a train. The first engine is truth, righteousness and wisdom; the second is grace and compassion. He is primarily driven by a zeal for truth and righteousness, but it is tethered by grace and compassion.
The Virtuous Female is driven by the same two engines, but they are in reverse order. She is driven first by grace and compassion, but this is tethered by truth, righteousness, and wisdom.
As we pull apart gender and identity as well as marriage, we accelerate the destruction of society.




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