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Finally! We have produced hours and hours of content on Critical Social Justice/The Religion of Academia/Wokeness. Now, we offer a digital space packed with explanations, principles, tools, and more on combating the increasingly pernicious and pervasive ideology of Critical Social Justice. Watch this space grow quickly!

What is Critical Social Justice?  Critical Social Justice - A Marxian ideology that seeks to break down liberal democracy, the fruits of the enlightenment, religion, the family, objective truth, and all tenets of Western Civilization through the overthrow of its institutions and culture.


Here you will find three primary types of content:


Explaining and reviewing Critical Social Justice and all of its forms.


Plus web pages focused on specific principles and tools to help you distinguish the chasm between truth and the philosophies of men.

3) ONLINE COURSES (Coming late 2023. )

Delve into the issues and gain a clear understanding of what is going on. First on the docket, "CRITICAL SOCIAL JUSTICE: Christianity & The Family". 





Principles, Tools, & Education

We'll be adding PDFs, webpages, videos, and Online Courses regularly. This is the best place online to learn about Critical Social Justice and its stark contrast with the Restored Gospel.

CRITICAL SOCIAL JUSTICE: Christianity & The Family

If you want to know where all of these new ideologies from the Religion of Academia come from, how they work and what their objectives are, watch this video to the right.


Telos vs The Oppressors

 Man's primary purpose should be the same as God's, "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." This is "Telos". As Cicero said, the "supreme end of man's endeavor."

However, when we deflect the problem of our own agency and fallen state to the agency and fallen state of others, we lose our divine purpose and journey. 

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Equality vs Equity

The goal of Critical Social Justice is "Equity." The forced, equal outcome of all. The flattening of order and spiritual hierarchy.

'The equality of God is not the equal outcomes for all, but equal opportunity for all.' - President Oaks

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The 4 Phases of The Priesthood & Marxism

In the Restored Gospel there are 4 Phases of the Priesthood. Ultimately, these phases lead us to Zion/Community & God. But Marxism seeks a shortcut and to eliminate or reduce the first 3 Phases to get to "Utopia" which requires tyranny.

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Critical Social Justice uses identity in two ways, 1) As a superficial layer covering the Marxian tenets below it. It is a slight of hand. And 2) By focusing on lesser identities such as gender, sexual orientation, and race and then assigning victimhood and oppression to these identities through Intersectionality.

These lesser identities can distract one from their true identity and purpose of being a Child of God, Child of the Covenant, and Disciple of Christ. This alternate lens destroys individuals and families that are not built on these lesser identities.

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The Religion of Academia (Eternalism vs Secularism)

Critical Social Justice is the secular "justice" movement of our time. Previous versions of secular justice movements include Communism. Secularism is antithetical to faith and usually causes a greater problem than it tries to solve.

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Liberation Theology

Yes, it's coming. Liberation Theology is the belief that Jesus Christ is a "liberator" over our oppressors in place of a Savior from our personal sins. Unfortunately, this is where Christianity is heading. It is happening in several Christian sects and may become a real seducing idea to many around you.

Watch the video to your right as an introduction or click the following link for our ongoing  Liberation Theology Series.

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The Context of Suffering

"Social Justice" is not typically born from those who contextualize their suffering with an eternal point of view. Rather, from those who see suffering without any purpose and primarily as a consequence of "systems" and oppressors.

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Motte & Bailey

The manipulation of communication based on the audience. Does a proponent of the woke ideology retreat and defend things such as "justice" and "compassion", or do they advance and talk about Marxian tenets of forced equity and teaching Critical Race Theory in K-12?

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