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"This is the best news ever!! I love your podcast, and you have been such a blessing to me by enhancing my study. You are now my go-to resource!! THANK YOU!!!" -  MN


You CAN understand the scriptures at a higher level. Learn along with others how to gain Practical Knowledge and greater faith.

Join the Come Follow Me Cwic  Study Group, and you will soon master the Cwic Interpreters as the scriptures come alive and hidden treasures are discovered!


24/7 Access to the Member Portal

As a study group Member, you will always have access to all of the materials and all of the session study group recordings. Everything! So there's no problem if you can't make the live study group on Thursdays at 7 pm MT. Refer to the recording anytime now or in the future and download materials. It's your own study library and it's constantly growing!

All The Tools You Need To Study Like A Pro!

Interactive, Interactive, Interactive! In any given study session, we may use Live Video, Digital Whiteboard, Q&A, Comments, PowerPoint Slides, Graphs, Maps, Research, Polls and Live Response. 

Be A Part Of A Diverse Group Of Learners

Study with others of all different backgrounds and ages from all over the world! Novices, 'weekend scriptorians' and lifelong gospel students. It doesn't matter where you are in your knowledge of the scriptures. Participate in the group a lot or not at all. There is a place here for you!

The Cwic Interpreters Applied

Each study session gives us an opportunity to glean more from the assigned scriptures as we apply The Cwic Interpreters and dig deep below the text!

Scripture Annotations! One Of The Best Tools.

In each session, we digitally annotate the scriptures live as we go through them- Outlining, underlining and commenting in the margins on the most important parts.


Affordable And Value-Packed

Our goal is to get this kind of learning out to anyone who thirsts for more spiritual knowledge and a deeper dive into the gospel. This is for you and we want you to learn and increase your resources.

Cwic Study Group Portal and Some of Our Study Tools

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"I can't tell you how much I look forward to these study groups. It is the highlight of my week! Thank you!!!"

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"All signed up and ready to go! Thanks so much for doing this. My husband and I feel like your podcasts are our new Netflix series we like to binge on!"

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"I love the study materials and recordings. I review them each several times."

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