Where Is Cumorah? Where Did The Book of Mormon Take Place? Geography (feat. Jonathan Neville)

I have no horse in this race. But many do. Where did the Book of Mormon take place? What is the Book of Mormon Geography as per the text and statements of Joseph Smith and early saints? The academic model is the Meso-American model. But there is a growing belief in what has become known as the Heartland model which states that the Book of Mormon took place in the Eastern United States.

According to scholar Jonathan Neville, one of the thought leaders of the Heartland Model, if we simply listen to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, we would have to take a closer look at this model. Is there "gatekeeping" going on at Book of Mormon Central (Scripture Central)?

Key to the Heartland Model is the location of Cumorah. The Meso-American Model has the Hill Cumorah in Meso-America. The Heartland Model in New York. Obviously, the plates were found in New York, but the meta-narrative is that this hill was mistakenly called Cumorah or "traditionally" called Cumorah. Listen to this conversation and make your own judgment.




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