What We're Still Missing About Modesty

church culture modesty Oct 21, 2015

I found this article very timely. This is a “lightning rod” topic in the church. But I find that the “lower law” of this noble principle is usually taught and used for measure over any spiritual or “higher law” where the principle of modesty is so rich. The comments section on this article are from everywhere on the spectrum. I have a teenage daughter and a married daughter. I have been through this. My biggest disappointment is from YW leaders who focus more on what the YW are wearing and less on the fact that they are daughters of God. Shaming is completely unnecessary and teaching the “why” of modesty, well beyond “guys become sexually aroused when you show your shoulders” is imperative. There is so much more to modesty; self-esteem, body=temple, attention, etc. Otherwise girls get the wrong idea and learn to judge each other on what they wear. This is a good read.


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