The Problem With Men And Masculinity In The Church - feat. Kurt Francom

Over the last year, we have done a few episodes on men and masculinity in the church. They have always generated a lot of discussions online and in the comment section. And not just from men. Women have a lot to say on the subject as well.

In the west, men are trying to find their way in an ever-increasingly feminine world. Even within the church, things have changed significantly over the years and in our wards, we are now often given a "Mister Rogers" figure as an example. Was Jesus like that? Kurt Francom from Leading Saints Podcast joins us to discuss, "Where are all the men in the Church?" What is "Nice Guy Syndrome?" What does every man need even at church and Elders Quorum? Do we address the question that every man asks himself, "Do I have what it takes?" Do we address the needs of every man's heart in "A Battle To Fight, An Adventure To Live, and A Beauty To Love?"




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