Tad Callister And The Founding Of America

Tad Callister and Hayden Paul expound on:
Why are we FLOUNDERING on the FOUNDING of America?
How do "Natural Rights" shape the founding of America?
Unalienable Rights remove the state as our primary ruler and replace it with God. This elevates our relationship as creations of God above our relationship as citizens and state.
The reframing of the constitution, founding, and principles of America.
How does an increasingly secular America survive?


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all right welcome to Quick show my name is Greg Matson and I am your host in this episode we brought on Tad Callister
and Hayden Paul from why I love America welcome both of you thank you it's good
to be here we're going to talk about a few things I want to talk about the the principles of the American founding
where are we floundering with this today and and what can we do to recapture what
what we're losing right so first of all I I want to ask you about about natural rights if we can go into that how does
the concept of natural rights as it's articulated in the Declaration of
Independence how does that shape our founding principles and why is that
important well I think natural rights is that term was used by the founding
fathers and those they relied on Lock and human others meant a god-given right a right
that existed before man existed mhm and therefore when they refer to natural
rights that we ought to have they're talking about god-given rights that would include of course freedom of
speech freedom of religion and the other freedoms that we know were Incorporated
in the inspired Constitution and I I think also to add on to what Tad was saying that is a
revolutionary idea because in the world prior to the Declaration of Independence
the rights came from the Kings the monarchs those who controlled the people
and so to say that that ver things that were looked at primarily as Government
given freedoms actually have their origin in something higher greater than any government was something that was
absolutely unique and I think has allowed for America to reach the level of POS uh prosperity and and success
that it has and also as I've thought about this it seems to me that when you when you move as you say Kings and other
uh out of the way right monarchs out of the way and and you talk about those
natural or unalienable rights that are given to mankind it it gives you it it
does several things number one it reestablishes the most important
identity that we have which is children of God right it's like we have we are
directly we are given the rights from God therefore those that rule are to the
side right because God rules and that is a founding principle of the United
States and yet we oftentimes look at our politics and at our structure as
well let's push that aside anyway and still focus on what the state is providing for us doesn't it seem that
way to you it does seem that way and I'd like to just say one other thing too is that
I don't come as a representative of a political party or representative of any
church group I'm coming as an American citizen who uh who just loves the
Constitution and uh maybe repeat that question again so we focus on it well yeah I I just think that when you when
you when you that that very founding principle it brings up so many so many dynamics that we really
forget about right it's when you remove the ruler and you say the rights are
given by God it it gives each citizen so to speak well let me put it this way your
citizenship even is a secondary identity to your relationship
to God and I think the founding fathers clearly taught that they taught that the
constitution was inspired and because it was inspired it would only survive if you had a moral
people and you could only have a moral people if you had a religious people and
you could only have a religious people if they sought God's will as taught in
the Bible and lived it and that's part of the problem with society today is
they want to take God out of our history they want to take God out of the lives
of the founding fathers God out of the inspired principles and the Constitution
and the consequence is that instead of Columbus being inspired he was a racist
instead of the pilgrims being instruments in God's hand they were evil
colonists instead of the founding fathers being raised up by God they were
white supremacists instead of the Constitution being inspired it was a Godless document as we now have a book
out by two Cornell professors entitled The Godless Constitution and when that
happens you take God out of the equation you know longer have absolute moral
values you have moral relativism and a secular society and the
natural man rather than the spiritual man who's a child of God and I'd say a
lot of the philosophies today go right along with that that help support that movement of a secular founding so to
speak because it's it's it's it's you know it's there is no objective truth
and you have to you have to tie objective truth with God right and so if there's no jec of truth and you can help
push away God and each of us has our own truth our own authentic self uh we don't
need to be a use a barometer of any type of uh um objective truth and therefore
the Constitution should not sit on any objective truth right it's just going to be basically when you do that you end up
with a power struggle that is all about who wants to make the truth
pushed on to my truth pushed on to everybody else and as you're talking it reminds me
of this quote I'm gonna see if I can say without botching it but it's by John Adams and he he uh wrote to the
Massachusetts militia in I think it was 1789 he says uh we have no 1798 that's
what it was he says we have no government with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled
by morality and religion greed ambition revenge or gallantry would break the strong strongest chords of our
constitution as a whale breaks through a net our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people it is wholly
inadequate to the government of any other so I love that quote and what you're saying applies specifically to it
because if we don't believe that there is an objective morality there is a provision in the Constitution that
allows us to change it and thank God that it's in there right the Amendments so for example the Bill of Rights they
weren't in the original Constitution but because we allowed a provision to be able to amend the Constitution we were
able to to codify very important things that's why slavery was abolished that's why women got the right to vote is
because of that ability but if we let go of the idea of objective truth then the
Constitution is nothing more than a reflection of whatever the relative
truth is that's most prevalent during the day and so that's why if we forsake God the idea of objective truth we are
at the same time uh getting rid of the idea of a of a constitution that we can
all abide by it's just going to change into whatever you know is popular at the time just adding to that uh this is what
Washington said let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality
can be maintained without religion reason and experience both forbid us to
expect to expect National morality can Prevail an exclusion of religious
principle and Hamilton added morality Must Fall without religion because
religion is the prime source of teaching God's moral
law yeah and I think what that does unfortunately is it you know I because
you you look at those that want to and and those forces are growing right now um that that want to get rid of the
Constitution or completely change it right and you know a lot of the movements that we're seeing out there uh
including those we're seeing right now on the universities are are in line with
this right they want to get rid of the Constitution and the problem that those who are moral
and religious and love Liberty have is that what you're actually doing is
you're not only fighting for what you want there and for Morality and freedom you're fighting for their
morality and freedom right and and their freedom to be able to speak and their freedom to be able to to exercise
religion and and and see morality as they see it and so what happens is you end up putting all of that on your
shoulders While others who would like to take that away use that
freedom to destroy it right so I think that there's a a much there's a much greater
responsibility to those that want that Liberty and to hold up the con stition it's much harder to do yeah and to to go
along with that as Tad point out at the beginning like and that's I I think what you're saying is that's why it's so easy
to devolve into a two-party system that is just so heavily entrenched where we can't talk to each other because then
what happens is they're like oh they're weaponizing the constitution in order to put their ideas so I need to weaponize
the constitution in this way and then it's really easy where where both sides are Taking Liberties and and kind of
trampling on this founding document and that's why with why love America as well as the podcast that we have called why
love America we we're not trying to talk about politics we're simply just trying to talk about the founding principles
because if we can get around that then the the nuances of how we implement the founding principles that is something
you know worth debate and that's where the political party should be around but there shouldn't be any political
discussion in regard to whether or not we should have founding principles or whether or not there should the
Constitution should be the thing that binds us together but that's the issue that we're having today is we're even
debating whether or not you know having a a solid Constitution is even worthwhile yeah um you talk about uh
let's look at where we're at today right whether it's uh how the founding Tad you
brought this up a little bit but the the found how the founding of America is portrayed in our schools is portrayed in
the media it's very different when I was a kid and going through school I it was very
much and I'm not going to it was maybe a little too idealistic but it was it was
showing the positive outcomes of the American Revolution the founding
principles the Constitution the Declaration of Independence and who we have become
today because of these things whereas today as you said it's almost turned on
its head it is all of these additional philosophies these iCal philosophies we
see today are are are these are all they're almost all a
pejorative in in in our culture today what what has led to that and and
what can we do about it well I think in order to discover the truth about
Columbus the founding fathers the pilgrims the Constitution that first you have to look
at has God spoken on that subject and if so what has he said and secondly what do
the primary sources historical sources say not the revisionists not the uh would be
historians but what do the primary sources say and if you just take the pilgrims for example they're talked
about being uh evil colonists and I would ask the question
well if you own a house who has the right to determine who lives in that house
the owner the owner who owns the earthh the Lord so who should determine who can
inhabit what portion of the earth and as the Lord spoken on the colonist and if
you go to first Nephi 13 verse chapter 13 verse
15 talks about the spirit of the Lord is upon these Gentiles and then he said and they did
prosper and obtain the land for their inheritance so who gave them the land
the Lord did who owned it so they weren't evil colonists they were
inspired colonists who came here and then if you go to the secular sources
Alexis toille the great French political scientist and philosopher said that the
pilgrims were the scaling of a great people with God who God with his own
hand is planting on a predestined Shore so if you kind of Follow That what does
the Lord say what his primary sources say you get a completely different view
of the pilgrims the founding fathers and the Constitution and what's taught in many of our schools today yeah and to to
go along with that too this idea the the reframing of History has has turned the
idea of the the pilgrims into these evil colonists by turning all also the Native Americans into nothing but this peaceful
group of people that inhabited the whole of North America until the bad white Pilgrim showed up and then everything
went arai which when you look into Native American history and Native Americans thems a really good book um
it's called is it 1491 yeah 1491 talks about the Americas
before Columbus and it it does a really fair look at what the lives were and and
uh for the natives and that there was Waring between tribes themselves so for example when when the pilgrims landed
they become friends with the Indians uh specifically Chief uh Chief
masao and what happens is Chief masao is getting attacked by other Indians and so
the Pilgrims go and they go to protect the wogs and the wogs do the same thing
and so it's not this idea that all of the Native Americans were this united front living in peace and Harmony
together and and then the white men come and destroy it's unfortunately human beings have this have this proclivity to
fight and to war over over things and we we can't expect that not to happen but
that doesn't completely destroy the validity Andor the goodness of our our
founding Pilgrim ancestors I would just add to that I don't think we are saying uh the
improper things were done to Native Americans it's just like people we have
no man is perfect Peter wasn't perfect but we the Lord chose him to be an
instrument in his hands he chose the colonist to be instruments in their hands and some bad things were done
maybe in the process but overall the Lord was in charge and it was a movement
he needed to take place to prepare the time for the restoration of the
Gospel yeah I mean human nature is human nature and and if you want to start a timeline somewhere it's it's pretty
tough to do I mean you can start right from the very beginning go back to Kan and abble you know it's like this the
timeline is from the very beginning so uh anyway so also I'd also ask you know
what another interesting thing is right now we're to the point also
where you have movements that want to actually change the founding of America to a different time so you have Nicole
Hannah Jones from The New York Times this is completely codified by the New York Times who comes up with a 1619
project where she wants to pull away from the founding of 1776 and go to
1619 when the uh transatlantic slave trade begins and that that's really the
beginning of America of course it's built on slavery and etc etc etc so it's
there is a a rewriting that is happening a a um a movement to turn things on its
head and even change dates of foundings and ideas of what the principles that
America is founded on to the point of no America was not founded on these
ideas of Liberty and and religion and the Enlightenment and others it was actually founded on
slavery well I think if you read what the Lord said on the subject uh and which the founding
fathers had said said on the subject I don't know of one founding father who didn't recognize God in some way in the
founding of America and in the establishment of the Declaration of
Independence and the Constitution time after time again they recognize God's hand in this founding
and so I think what the Lord said on the subject this is a choice land whatsoever
Nation shall possess it shall be free from bondage and captivity and from all of the Nations serve the god of the
land and uh I think again what's the Lord said what do the primary sources say then you get to the truth m and in
regard to to slavery because yes I'm I'm familiar with Nicole Hannah Jones's work the 1619 project and I I listen to the
whole podcast and the thing the thing that's frustrating is it it seems to
posit that slavery began altogether in 1619 like there's not much of
recognition that since the beginning of time unfortunately human beings have been enslaving others and so what it
does is it puts the full weight of the blight of slavery on America's shoulders
and the founder shoulders and then and the whole rest of the world is innocent where that just isn't the truth and it's
amazing because the Constitution a lot of times people it's it's the first um
founding document of a country that even talked about slavery in there and and and it's the famous three-fifths law
right so a slave only counted as three fifths of a person now a lot of times people interpret that as oh my gosh this
is even more de dehumanizing of of who slaves were but when you or who the
enslaved Africans are but it actually did the exact opposite the reason why
the three fist law was put into the Constitution is because if all of the
South had hundreds and hundreds of slaves and they were able to vote with
the power of all of their slaves the idea of of uh being able to abolish
slavery through legislation and through voting was pretty much impossible and so
what they did was they made it so only a slave only counted as three fifths of a person so that it couldn't amass as many
votes and and would allow later for legislation to take place that would
that would um get rid of slavery and it also made it so you couldn't have as
many repres uh Representatives because the South would just have an incredible amount of Representatives because they
would count the slaves as um living you know down in the South and so it it it
was a provision put in there to get rid of slavery and when you're trying to
unite 13 colonies that are spread out that farther than the whole European
continent and all those Nations trying to unite them under one thing there has to be some sort of compromise but moving
in the right direction and that's exactly what the Constitution did with slavery I can just add two thoughts one
is we no slavery didn't start in 1619 the revisionist that said Columbus
introduced slavery to America but it's interesting when you read the original sources you know what some of the Native
Americans gave to Columbus and his men as gifts slaves slavery was already here
and it's also interesting about the Constitution we all we often read phrase about the Lord raised up rise Men He
established the Constitution by the hands of white men but we don't read the verse before the verse before says
therefore is not right that any man should be in bondage one to another and
then he says and for this purpose I have done what established the constitution
of this land by the hands of wise men what purpose the Constitution was to help eliminate slavery by setting out
the ideals and Abraham Lincoln said those ideals would be enforced course as
fast as circumstances would permit and the Constitution also said that for 20
years you can't prohibit the importation of slaves but after 20 years you may and
what happened exactly 20 years later Congress enacted the act in January 1st
1808 prohibiting the importation of slaves and that was part of the beginning of
eliminating slavery made possible by the Constitution I had not heard that before
yeah interesting Tad I'm interested to know on the founding of America also what do you see the role of the
Enlightenment playing in this because the enlightenment in many ways is an anti-religious movement it is saying
we're going to bring in science there's other things that we can prove ourselves um we're pushing off from God
and religion and rebelling against that to some degree certainly many of the icons of the Enlightenment um were that
are used actually also for DNA to the American founding are
also ones that were pushing off with God to some degree and so you've got the enlightenment which certainly is a
precursor in some ways to the founding of America but at the same time parts of
that strains of that are anti-religious well some of it may be
anti-religious but I think the founding fathers also reason
recognize that reason is not inconsistent with inspiration knowing the facts is not
inconsistent with inspiration and so I believe the founding fathers were inspired but I
don't believe it just the Constitution was just revealed to them from heaven in blank form they had to work out their
state constitutions they had to read the enlightenment writers they had to take
the good from it start putting it together reason it out discuss it with
each other the Lord expects us to do everything we can and then he enlightened our minds and said oh we
need a separation of state and federal government that's good we need three
branches of the federal government that's good we need the Christian principle of freedom of religion that
allows freedom for all religions not just Christianity so I think they took some of the good
parts and were able to combine it with inspiration reason and experience and
come up with what we have today yeah I think the enlightenment much like all movements uh is like a
pendulum right so I I think on one end up to that point uh religious religious
Faith was was not looked at as something that could be comprehended or even reasoned out it was much listened to
the who the the hierarchy and and don't reason for yourself the enlightenment
says no reasoning is good it's a god-given thing God is re reason he is
metalogic but then what happens is like a pendulum it swings so far into saying
oh well maybe actually reason can supplant God but I think that as as as
Tad was saying what the founders saw was yes God is found in reason itself and
that it is it is the the Divine reasoning out and and looking for logic
that allows for God's truth to be made manifest and so I I think you know that
that pendulum has swung far enough and I'm optimistic here thinking that maybe it's
it's swinging back and that people are starting to recognize that reason without religion is in the end a Fool's
game so I'd say that the only thing on that I would say the problem is the secularism
is rising to some degree right it's it's you've got secularism Rising um fewer
people uh attending church in the United States um you talk about the the
warnings of the founding fathers with morality and religion um if this continues on a slide
right I mean I just saw the numbers for the Southern Baptist convention the largest denomination in the country and
um they are for the first time below numbers they had in I think it was 2005
I want to say or maybe it was 1995 I can't remember but it's a very long time where they've dropped their their their their numbers
below where they were at at their height not at their height I'm sorry below
where they were about 30 years ago and so as it grew over time it's now gone
all the way backwards in a few years now is certainly a part of that but it's it's gone backward a few in just a few
years it it's they've peeled off about 30 years of growth uh in their in their church and
and you know I don't we don't have that same issue to that degree but we've certainly had
issues um in our own denomination and and and Christianity as a whole has had
the same issues and so as again to me so much of this is these philosophies that
are that are entangling people's minds um a as these increase and
grow I think the first step to all of this is awareness I don't think that people are aware
enough of the founding principles of our own country I I I don't think that you
know I know my children didn't get the same education that I got in in that sense and I probably didn't do a good
enough job as a father going in and talking to them about these things what uh
what what what do we do as our morality obviously is declining and our and our
religious activity is declining Greg I think you're exactly on point and I think that what's happening
today is there's a polarization I think it'll be like the premortal existence you had to choose a side there will be
those who go to the religious side those who go to the secular side and part of
our battle is to make people aware of God's side and I think people a lot a
lot of them today are not aware that's one reason our foundation did this book
that entitled why I love America and it's designed to teach our
youth about the true history from primary sources we can't in the schools
and the booklets give our opinion that God's hand was involved in America but
we can quote George Washington who said his hand was involved in America or James Madison and so we now have this
booklet approved by the state board of education curriculum Department to put
into all the schools we also have a speakers Bureau that has speakers like
Ted Stewart the federal judge Gary Herbert the former uh governor and
others who are available to go around and educate people in fact we have three goals
in our in our uh campaign is one to restore a spirit of patriotism which is
declining to to educate citizens on the founding fathers in the
Constitution and their inspired principles and three the increase in awareness of God's hand in the origin of
America and the need for his hand in our ultimate Destiny and they say knowledge
is power and that's one thing that we're trying to do just like you are is
educate people so they can make informed decisions not default
decisions yeah and and and so that awareness I mean usually we've we've set up
this this uh you know you hear of the uh military-industrial complex but we're I
think another one would be we've set up the education industrial complex uh in the United States where
where we are really delegated responsibilities from the parents uh to
these systems of Education that are not teaching these
things very much and so you can go through the K to 12 you don't get a whole lot of this and oftentimes it is
the very very much the opposite the the media that is now available to those kids of that age is teaching exactly the
opposite of these things as they have their you know get get their you know BuzzFeed on their phone and and they're
and then of course going to the universities we're in a system where you know parents are are either mortgaging
their homes or the taxpayers are footing the bill for all these students going
through these you know what you hope for is a great education to help them get ahead but there's these things are being
taught that are completely opposite of those things that you just brought up how do we how do we change I don't my my
point is awareness is key but the primary place of awareness right now is
education and that awareness is is not there well I me there two solutions one
Barbara Bush said your success as a family your success as a so Society
doesn't depend on what happens at the White House it depends on what happens in your house so the starting point is
for parents to teach her children about the inspired Constitution and God's hand
in America the Second Source is to get into the schools and that's what we're
starting to do with the grade schools and the high schools with this booklet
we now are having educational videos that are being prepared for the schools
we have videos that were're preparing to go into theaters so people can see
little glitches of of of American History so I think the family and the
schools are two two prime targets to educate our people yeah and to go along
with that I think that you know me as a father I I my oldest is three years old and then we have our third kid on the
way and I think about how am I going to educate my kids
and I'm coming to this reality that I I just can't I don't want to trust anyone
else to educate my kids on things of importance and so when it comes to my children's religious education we go to
church and we're going to continue to participate in church but I in no way am going to expect my church to educate my
children on who God is who Jesus Christ is and and how to deal with spiritual things that's me and my wife's job the
the school the schools May kind of make a correction and start teaching a little bit better about American history and
history in general but at the end of the day I'm not going to leave it to the schools to do that I'm going to do that
as my children's father and and my wife is their mother and so I think it's just
really important that as as Tad said that us as parents just take control of
our children if we keep Outsourcing our our children's raising to other
institutions or even their phones they're going to be taught things that
are not true and I can promise you this no institution and no influencer online
loves your children more than you do and so because of that it it should be your
primary responsibility as a parent to teach your children because you can trust that you have their best interest
at heart so I think we need to give parents ammunition to use and tonight for
example we'll be at the Marriott Center BYU and we'll be handing out these booklets
we handed out last year over three nights 10,000 of them we've given out probably about 70,000 of these booklets
now in Utah and uh I think in line with what Hayden just said is I don't think
it's the primary role of the church to support or the family to support the
church teaching Doctrine the primary role is for the church to support the
doctrine taught in the home and that's our primary focus is parents give them
some ammunition to teach what we know to be God's word about the founding fathers
and the Constitution so they can defend these principles in school and among
their friends and a lot of people I found they want ammunition they believe in their hearts this is this is God's
inspired country but they don't have the knowledge to defend it and we're trying
to give them that knowledge okay uh lastly I want to go
into capitalism versus socialism um you know we started off the
the the interview here talking about unalienable rights natural rights and
and basically putting the rights directly from God to each individual
right totally different idea than than most of what we've seen in
history capitalism you know it's it's an economic model but it's not really capitalism is built off
of a model of Liberty right that that allows us to have Choice it allows us to
run our own and have have ownership in property in companies uh Etc right
and socialism then is the opposite it it is going to want ownership of these things at a minimum in a more of a
fascist type of uh scenario they are going to be government controlled so when we talk about those unalienable
rights it just seems to me that under capitalism or democracy
right that is the plan of having those unalienable rights given to each person
whereas socialism is going to say no those rights are coming from the
state and and whoever runs the state is the one giving you your rights and that
is such a fundament mental difference of understanding of of how to live and how
to run a civilization and it does require the adoption of a belief in God
to say that those rights can come somewhere else than
from from the state right so why is there a consistant
push toward socialism even within our own country you know a a consistent push
that wants the state to take over and to bring back that state between you and
those unalienable rights unfortunately the scriptures tell
us in the last days many people will call evil good and good
evil and I think that's what's happening and you're right capitalism maximizes
our agency and this maximizes our growth socialism minimizes our agency and thus
minimizes our growth capitalism transfers power to the people socialism
transfers power to the government exactly the opposite conclusions of what
we want a as as I'm thinking about this this is probably not a unique thought but it's Unique to me right now is
Marxism is kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy right so he lay
that the Marxist idea deals that uh everything is just a power struggle and so the very power the at the end you
have to destroy all power structures to have some sort of Level Playing Field but that isn't the reality the the
reality in a society that is god-based is that there is a supreme power and
there isn't like we are all alike unto God but as soon as which you know in
Marxism getting rid of God is like the basic fundamental tenant once you remove God then all of a sudden no we aren't on
the same playing field and so Marxism essentially creates the illness and then
gives a false prescription for that illness at the same time where if we can just once again come to this point and
you hit it perfect Greg I love the way you said this at the beginning of this podcast you talked about how uh the the
the idea that our rights come from God supersede even our citizenship as a
Americans it makes it so like being an American System uh uh citizen is below
that of being a you know a creation of God one of God's sons and daughters and
so if we get back to that that that is the solution not getting rid of
God the the absence of God creates the power struggle the absence of God means
that the strongest and wealthiest and and smartest ape wins you know what I
mean where when we we we believe in God we are all alike unto
him yeah and this goes back to your quotes from Washington and uh Adams and and I think Jefferson
goes over this also but it's it's the same thing right the more you pull away from God then then you cannot uphold
Liberty they go hand in hand they really do and we see this throughout scripture honestly you would go through scripture
and you just you see this that Liberty is tied directly to the doctrine of
Christ it's died directly to a religious people and a moral people and it's
impossible not to have that uh that Liberty and that freedom without that
anchor and you know and I do think so much of it just converges in on that
idea of unalienable rights given to each each
individual when you talk about scripture teaching that truth it reminded me of Messiah 5:8
it says under this head meaning Christ ye are made free and there is no other
head whereby you can made free pretty simple statement under Christ you're
free under any other system dictator program policy you will not be free it
will take you the other way and that's that's the LIE right that is the lie
though they lie the LIE is you will be liberated from XYZ you will be liberated
from this from these oppressors and others uh you know based on a different
philosophy based on a different head so to speak um and that's what we're facing
and that's what the kids today are facing that that that Liberty and that Liberation really is the better term to
use with those philosophies is you're going to throw off the shackles of what oppresses you which is a family order
which is morality which is sexual restri which is uh uh you know whatever it
might be throw off those shackles and but and oh and democracy
and capitalism throw off the shackles of those things and that'll liberate you and and
yet it's it's just so precise in those scriptures that how how Liberty and and
and the doctrine of Christ are combined the real Liberty and freedom is going to come from a moral religious people
there's no other way to do it and so so the onus is on us to be able to carry
that how do you you know we have to be able to carry that and that means that in a world where these attitudes are
changing and people are adopting these New World Views that are against Christianity they're
Antichrist and that are uh anti-liberty
you know that you're going to be unpopular for talking about it you're going to be unpopular for making people
aware about these things mhm I think as you're talking it reminds me of this quote I think it's Bruce
armaki and if you guys are familiar with it let me let me know if I'm wrong but he essentially talks about how the world
seeks to change people from the outside in Christ changes people from the inside out the world would change man's
environment while Christ changes the man who then changes his environment and I think that's the fundamental doctrine of
Marxism is Utopia is found from an overarching structure that will control
everybody and then bring about the utopian Vision where Christ he and he says this he says the kingdom of God is
within and what he's saying then there is that in the kingdom of God which is
this perfect system it comes from each individual person shouldering their own
personal cross and having Christ engraven on their countenances then you essentially have a group of people who
are so Christlike that you don't need uh a system of of legislation and law
because the law is imprinted on your heart you don't need judges because you
you have submitted to the great judge which is Christ and so that that is
where it goes but the world is too impatient the world is too selfish and
and we don't want to look into ourselves to say that's where the answer is we'd rather have some you know big guy you
know the Richmond north of Richmond telling us what to do uh instead of you know doing it ourselves yeah just one of
the thought there is that you brought up is that some people think that you have freedom if you can do anything anytime
anywhere that's true Freedom well who is Freer the person who
decides I don't want to study because that gives me Freedom or the person who
studies hard who's going to have greater freedom who can send the rocket to the moon the one who never studied or the one who
studied mhm what team is going to perform the best the one who never works out because they don't want to or the
one who has the discipline to work out and they become more physically fit
moral discipline makes us Freer to become like God who's the freest person
in the world and the happiest person in the world therefore the the more we become like him the greater our freedom
and the greater our happiness that's what he wants well Tad and Hayden is there
anything else you guys wanted to contribute here before we uh end the
interview I think just overall look out uh September one of the one of the great
triumphs of the Y love America committee is that there was um I can't it was it
is a resolution or a bill a resolution a resolution was pass that Mak September
of every year American Founders and Constitution month in the state of Utah
so some of you that are listening may remember your Stakes putting on patriotic events um maybe you know
schools and things like that put on patriotic events and that's that's due to the the really smart and awesome
people that are on the committee not me um and so this September we're going to
be doing the same thing so the best way to make sure you're informed on when to go to our for example non-denominational
prayer meeting that we're going to be doing or some of the other Capital kickoff event and things like that you
can follow us on Instagram at why love America org or you can follow our podcast as well on YouTube which is just
Why love America podcast and you can hear a lot more wise words from Tad we're going to be doing some fun stuff
with him well appreciate it both of you I appreciate your time and your dedication and and bearing uh bearing
the burden of Liberty so thanks so much thank you for all you do Greg appreciate
it thank you [Music]


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