Spiritual Survival & The Therapy Gospel

Are Healing and Consolation All The Gospel Offers? "Man shall not live by bread alone"

A pendulum swing has occurred in Latter-day Saint culture. We have moved from high-demand, high expectations in the pursuit of the gospel to "healing" and focusing on crisis, anxiety, and consolation. What is the message of the Gospel and the purpose of the Atonement? Is there an ideal beyond Spiritual Survival and a perpetual cycle of "woundedness?" Is our culture moving more toward a "Therapy Gospel?" We are told, "Man shall not live by bread alone."

There is an ideal that the Plan of Salvation affords us. It is attainable, and it is worth it. It goes far beyond Spiritual Survival and being healed. It is the opportunity that God has given us to become like Him, to inherit all that He has, and to fulfill the measure of our creation.




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