Cwic Clips- Wolves in Wool

For some individuals that have different Values Hierarchies than you, it is important for them that you change your Values Hierarchy.



and then in 15 another universal

principle that he gives it it's

something specific but again when we

look at these scriptures they are

principles and so it's not just a matter

of kind of a churchy thing it's

practical knowledge this is stuff that

happens with us every day in many

different ways

verse 15 says beware of false prophets

so are we thinking just someone who's

telling us how to get into heaven and a

different way to get there or how to do

what is right

I don't think so the second half of that

verse says which come to you in sheep's

clothing but inwardly they are ravening

wolves that's such a great imagery isn't

it it's such a great imagery so beware

of that that doesn't mean just in the

idea of the church I think that's in

every facet of life there are people

that are going to have views on things

and their main agenda for whatever

reason it seems that human nature works

like this for whatever reason it's very

important to them that you follow what

they believe and if they've got that

agenda and that's up at the top of their

values hierarchy they're going to push

it and they are going to try and

convince you and they are going to shame

you perhaps they're going to argue and

debate with you to try and have you

shift your values hierarchy and that

could be something that has to do with

politics that could have something to do

with church that could have something to

do with your job that could have

something to do with your role as a

parent or as a sibling but there's a lot

of ideas out there a lot of ideology but

it seems that these ideologies are

getting stronger and stronger and have

more and more of an appeal or a some

type of strength to them almost a

gravity pull to them today and it looks

to me like they're just going to get

stronger so we watch out for wolves

that are in sheep's clothing


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