Cwic Clips- Values Hierarchy

What is at the top of your Values Hierarchy? There are a lot of important things to value, but ultimately, your Values Hierarchy will be decided by your actions.



and then he goes over a couple of things

that I really like in verse 24 he says

no man can serve two masters for either

he will hate the one and love the other

or else he will hold to the one and

despise the other you cannot serve God

and Mammon this is such a true principle

we all have within us a values hierarchy

and we may know that consciously or we

may know that we may have that

subconsciously but when things come up

around us where we have to make

decisions or we have to act things out

it's going to be based on our values on

the hierarchy that we have set and if we

have God up at the very top all the time

then everything else seems to fall into

place we can have something really

important second and something really

important third and if those things can

work but if we try and bring one of

those second or third things up even

with God and try and work with those

both at as the most important things in

our life it doesn't work because

eventually one the hierarchy says one

will be more important than the other

because eventually you're going to have

to have decisions and eventually you're

going to have to choose one over the

other maybe in a specific circumstance

maybe in several circumstances or maybe

in a way of being but you're going to

have to have a choice and there is a

psychology behind this studies behind

this that show that when you have

certain values and things you focus on

then that's what determines your life

whatever is at the top the very top

value so you could have other ideologies

political ideologies you could have

vices that become more important to you

you could even have certain

relationships that are not as important

as a relationship with God and as you

try and keep those straight if you don't


of God at the high the high end of that

values hierarchy then everything else

starts to fall apart and then in verse

25 there's a there for a transition

something that's tied to this idea of

not serving two masters and that is take

no thought for your life that's what

you're going to eat what you're gonna

drink or anything else in other words I

think that what he's saying here is all

of those temporal things will be okay

they'll all fall into place if you have

the heavenly things at the top just

worry about that if you focus on that

first then all of the temporal things

will fall into place you don't need to

worry about it

and then at the end of chapter 6 he says

something very similar again and he says

but seek ye first the kingdom of God so

it's God and the kingdom of God the

ordinances the temple the fullness of

the gospel the heavenly things and His

righteousness and all these things shall

be added unto you so again put that at

the top of your values hierarchy and all

these other things will come to you in

verse 34 right after that another

transitional phrase says take therefore

no thought for tomorrow I don't think he

means don't be prepared but I think what

he's saying is let me read the rest of

it says for the morrow shall take

thought for the things of itself

sufficient unto the day so that would be

today is the evil thereof well I think

what he means by the evil thereof is

look you've got enough pressures you

have enough things you need to overcome

today and so focus on keeping God at the

top of your focus and all those things

will take care of themselves and you

don't need to worry about it if you do

that you don't need to worry about your

future you don't need to worry about

what's going to happen if you have

things straightened out


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