Cwic Clips- Fasting for 40 Days

40 days cwic clips fasting Nov 03, 2019

- Did Jesus really fast for 40 Days?
- How long can someone go without food?



LDS Mormon Fasting


so in verse 2 it says and when he had

fasted forty days and forty nights he

was afterward and hungered again think

of the children of Israel they go out

into the wilderness and they are out

there for forty years not forty days but

they're out there for forty years this

is a typology here of the of the Exodus

now fasting is an interesting thing and

it's something I've learned a lot about

in the last couple of years I used to

think that all this meant was the forty

days meant a long time and it does 40

the number 40 can oftentimes mean just a

long time but the more I've looked into

fasting is personally anciently this was

a typical thing to do this was this was

a thing and in fact if you look all the

way back to Pythagoras of the

Pythagorean theorem from Greece he was

in Egypt learning becoming an initiative

of a mystic group and he had to fast for

forty days in Egypt when he came back to

Greece and he had initiates come through

his program they would fast for forty

days so this was a thing that you that

you would do and it's probably because

if you go much beyond that you risk

death at that point but you can do a

fast a water fast that means that you

are drinking water only and maybe

even a few other things that you could

be taken along with that but at least a

water fast you can certainly do for

forty days believe it or not the longest

period on record is over 370 days on a

water fast

and now that was a 400-pound man that

has some weight to lose but it can be



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