Come Follow Me LDS - Doctrine and Covenants 45

"What Are These Wounds?"

This Come Follow Me episode of Doctrine and Covenants 45 is a rehash of Matthew 24. It covers the signs to come before destruction. It was given originally by Jesus on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. It is the precursor and trigger for Joseph Smith Matthew found in the Pearl of Great Price. This covers deception in our times, a Jaredite-like war, and the breakdown of society into "ites" or tribes. It is the opposite of the gathering of Zion.


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all right welcome to quick media's come
follow me series we are covering
doctrine and covenants section 45 today
this is given on march 7th 1831
so coming up on a year here uh
of the organization of the church and
during this time coming into
kirtland ohio there's only a small
minority of the saints that are there
where you've got the rest of the saints
still in new york
they're going to migrate over here over
the next little bit
but it's a time of great persecution and
a lot of very negative dark things being
said about the mormons they're
stirring the pot right so you've got a
lot of the press
that is after them you've got uh um
officials that are after them in the
you've got you know they're they're
being bad-mouthed
quite a bit and and it's causing a
problem within the church
and so here's how joseph smith describes
this in the history of the church
he says that at this age of the church
one year old many false reports and
foolish stories were
published right so they're making things
up here there was a big earthquake in
they called it the earthquake of
mormonism or something to that effect
right it's
it's like anything they could tie to
something negative or anything negative
they could tie to the church they would
do it
and so there's maybe a little bit of a
feeling here in the church with what
they're having to deal with here and of
course this
was around right from the very beginning
with joseph smith and it never goes away
it ends up being what kills him right
so he talks about that and then he says
um well it says that these things were
to prevent people from investigating the
right so so that's that's a concern for
them obviously because
they're out there they're sending
missionaries out they're trying to get
people to
to hear about the book of mormon about
the restoration of the gospel
and these stories and this attitude
has been very very negative of the
church so it's prevented them from
investigating the work or embracing the
but to the joy of the saints i received
the following
so why is a prophecy talking about
a timetable of events right
going to be something that is of great
joy for the saints and i think
the reason is is that they're
it's like with any of us that it's
helping giving helping to give them a
bearing on things of where they are
it creates a purpose it creates urgency
um and you know it's like going to the
temple right you get your bearings when
you go to the temple
and it's a it's kind of a physical
map that is given to us and that's
pretty much what we do when we go
through the temple
is giving us kind of this map that we're
able to act out in
a physical form this is kind of a a
time map in a sense that's given
and like we've talked about before it
seems to be just
another type of revelation that is given
at the beginning of each dispensation
you know something that we hear we
basically go into the words of
of jesus here when he's on the mount of
uh given to us in matthew 24 where
where we have a uh uh uh you know again
the beginning of a dispensation and and
the urgency is given the map is given of
time so we get a physical map in the
temple we get a
a map of time with this type of an
eschatological uh scene and
um um journey and direction that's given
the saints so i that's what it seems
like to me right that's why they're
they're given joy with this
it's this is where we are this is why
we're battling this is why
we have adversity because this is what
we are a part of here in the last days
these are the things that are going to
be happen this is where we are in
and in the map of time of the lord
so he says look harken listen up right
the church
listen in verse two and again i say
hearken unto my voice
the dbr lest death shall overtake you
again when we talk about the scriptures
you know it's so interesting i'll bring
up a couple of if i remember i'll bring
up a couple of these points here as we
go through
this section but
the scriptures even modern day
scriptures right coming in here through
joseph smith reach back to the metaphors
to the language of the ancients
to give this kind of continuity it's
kind of interesting how that works
right because it seems to me that what
does is it draws our minds and our
back to the fathers right we need to
learn more about their way of life
because these metaphors are given to us
today in modern day scripture
and that's what he does here in verse
two one of the things is death
understanding death right when they talk
about death anciently they're often
times talking about both
a temporal and a spiritual death so we
should consider that we should think
about that
death can mean spiritual as well
but hearken unto my voice lest death
shall overtake you in an hour when ye
think not
the summer shall be passed and the
harvest ended and your souls not
saved so like the fig tree which we get
later on in this section
and and and using a metaphor of the fig
tree when the fruit is supposed to come
this is the same idea this is the the
using the rule of the harvest
right the summer is the time that you
prepare one of the times of the year
that you're preparing
your your land uh and planting
and and then getting ready for the
harvest in the fall
and so if you don't do all of that on
and not procrastinate then you're gonna
you're gonna be in a lot of trouble
you're not gonna have the harvest it's
not gonna happen
and so you have no choice even though
it's something that is
coming in the future right several
months down the road
if you don't take care of certain things
today what you need to happen down the
road is not going to happen
it's a great metaphor there's no way
around the law of the farm
right you just can't you can't avoid
and so it's the same with us you know
are we doing everything we can today
to avoid not having the harvest
at the end this is also something that
we get in jeremiah 8 right jeremiah 8
tells us the exact same thing there in
verse 20 we get the harvest is past
the summer is ended and we are not saved
right you using that type of
metaphor there and by the way that
chapter in jeremiah
you know around the time of lehi is also
about it's about jerusalem right it's
about the church
it's about you're not taking care of
things if you don't take care of things
we're gonna have a real problem down the
road and that obviously applies to each
of us individually
and then we get a first-person voice of
the savior here which is kind of nice
right he goes into
verse three here it says listen to him
talking about himself
who is the advocate with the father
right i mean you should listen to me
he's saying because i'm the one
who is advocating for you in front of
justice basically
i'm the one who's fighting for you so
give ear here
who is pleading your cause before him
father behold the suffering and death of
him who did no sin
in whom thou wast well please behold the
blood of thy son
which was shed the blood of him whom
thou gavest that thy self
might be glorified so again
i suffered for everyone look at what i
did for them
that's how he is obviously our advocate
because he stepped in for us by proxy
so to speak he took on our sins he
suffered immensely
and therefore that's going to cause
attention from the father
right he's going to reverence that he's
going to honor that
that sacrifice and that suffering that
the son went through
and and it creates you know in many ways
uh it creates value not that the lord
our father and the father doesn't see us
with value but it it creates
value for us because of that sympathy
because of that
that that uh uh the suffering and the
that jesus had for us
and then in verse six we get another
kind of a metaphor here
a little bit uh from the ancient days
about a period of time he says
hearken all ye people of my church and
ye elders listen together and hear my
while it is called today and harden not
your hearts well
again today is is a
metaphor we see it as 24 hours but
being a day being now but
it's really a period of time so today is
our period of time right now like with
the creation
right it's each yom day day one day two
day three etc
is a period of time and that's what
that's talking about
and then he starts going into the
that nephi gets from the angelic host as
and that we get in isaiah everywhere
which is all about the jews and
the gentiles right the house of israel
and those
outside of the house of israel and he
says here in verse 8 i came unto mine
own being the jews and my no one
received me not
but unto as many as received me gave i
power to do many miracles
and to become the sons of god in other
words he's no respecter of persons
he's anybody who chooses to follow him
has the chance to be a son or daughter
of god
and even unto them that believed on my
name gave i power to obtain
eternal life so he as he goes through
the jews and the gentiles here it's like
everybody has their role in this i am
not a respecter of one toward the
more than the other what matters to me
here is that you believe on my name
and that you follow me but it's it's
a it is requisite that
in the plan of god that there are
differences and different peoples
different individuals right that will
end up helping each other out
and that's what the jews and the
gentiles end up doing
it's really kind of nice to see the plan
of salvation
play out on earth among these different
groups we're we're used to being in
tribal situations that's the exact
opposite of what
the lord chooses for us what he wants
from us
right well we have rivalries and war and
and and being one is is
us learning to
to help each other out to love one
to bear each other's burdens including
tribes between nations between peoples
between races
and he says even so i have sent mine
everlasting covenant
into the world right so this is the
gospel this is the fullness of the
with its ordinances with the church
helping it
right it's supporting it to be a light
to the world and to be a standard for my
people so this is the banner
right that is held up that we can all
move toward
right that we hold up and see and it's
like okay this is the banner of jesus
and regardless of who we are what our
race is
what our past beliefs might be what our
past sins might be
and regardless of our nationality
our ethnicity right
we we are pulled together here if we
all look to god if we have in our values
hierarchy christ at the very top
and we support one another and we become
and that's a good way to look at who
who is going to follow christ it's those
are willing to become one with others
and to help them do that that doesn't
mean tolerating sin
or just tolerating whatever it means
supporting one another and bearing each
other's burdens
in the gospel right under gospel
and as he says he went to the jews and
they did not accept him
this is during his mortality he says the
standard is for the gentiles to seek it
and to be a messenger before my face to
the way before me right so the gentiles
the day of the gentile the time of the
gentiles is now
and the gentiles being looking here
are those that are mostly gathering
together here
in ohio to build up the church to build
up the kingdom
this is them and so there's the urgency
right it's like you're the gentiles
you are here to hold up the standard and
to gather israel
to create zion to be the messenger
before my face
to prepare the way before me
it's pretty awesome responsibility right
and to have that directly given to you
as oh this is us and look
this is in isaiah right we see in
zechariah we can go back to ezekiel we
can bring all these things together
daniel looking at the coming of the lord
and what builds up there we can look in
the book of mormon now and see in
in nephi and throughout all of the book
of mormon this is us
is what these early saints are thinking
this is our time we need to work hard we
need to
build up the church spread the gospel
gather israel so we can get ready for
the royal procession so we can get ready
the second coming of christ
so regardless of the adversity
regardless of
the demeaning of the gospel and of the
the accusations that are flying toward
they're going to rise up hold up the
and do this work think of the energy
that that can give you
if you really hold that close to you
there's this adversity around me
it's holding me back but now i feel more
this is what i'm supposed to be doing
this is what the lord wants me to be
this is what has been prophesied about
me and my people
and and that's how i think the saints
this is kind of like a a big
shot in the arm to them right
and then more references to isaiah in 10
wherefore come ye unto it and with him
that cometh i will reason
i love that right i love i love the idea
reasoning with the lord and and i think
we lose that a little bit and in in in a
way that you know
i i like reading about enos and
and his struggle with the lord and
jacob and his struggle with the lord his
his wrestling with the lord because i
to me there's something there as far as
that goes well beyond passivity
right that doesn't mean it's not
submissive it means that you're
you're fighting mostly with yourself in
in trying to
figure things out and work through
and and here again we get this this
invitation as we do in isaiah
right to reason with me
just as with men in days of old and i
will show unto you
my strong reasoning so if you are
kind of like i am and you need reason
right you need that then
then he says right here i will give that
to you i will give you reasoning
now there's requirements for that you
need to exert faith you need to have
some trust
but he will give it to you then he rolls
right into enoch because what does enoch
have to do with all this well that's the
end game
right that's bringing everybody together
as one into a
a zion type people into a science city
into the new jerusalem into what
jerusalem is
supposed to represent and so he lays
that out there
as as a layer of this before he starts
going into
a pattern of prophecies to say this is
what we want to end up at
again whole parts whole
and then he says this about those that
of the city of enoch here he says
that they confessed they were strangers
and pilgrims on the earth
this is a really a really interesting
way to
think about this and and what a
what an awareness i think that is you
know i love the idea of being aware of
of soberness of sobriety
and and this awareness here
is i think very important this
of understanding that on earth here we
are strangers
and pilgrims right a stranger anciently
would mostly be someone who is a
like a resident alien what we might call
them right somebody who is
from another land but is living in a
separate land a stranger in a strange
right or a pilgrim who is on his way
and so if we have that perspective that
this is kind of like we're just
renting time here this isn't really our
time so to speak this is
we're running time in this space and
then we're going to be
going elsewhere
back to a home that we used to know
that's a strong perspective it helps i
think it helps you think
i i'm not just carnal right i'm not just
temporal and i'm not just
absorbed in this world around me
i don't actually even belong i'm here
for an adventure
i'm here for a journey i'm here for
growth and progression
it is a phase it is a stage of our
then he says but those strangers and
would obtain a promise that they should
find it
and see it in their flesh right well
what promise the promise again when they
talk about a promise
it's the oath of the oath and covenant
of the priesthood it's the promised land
right that's the promise of the fathers
it's exaltation
exaltation is a promised land a place
a different state that is not our
current more
mortal state and then he goes over some
of these things just like he this is
what he says here about
when he was in mortality to the
disciples he says
i will show it plainly the prophecies
as i showed it unto my disciples as i
stood before them
in the flesh and spake unto them saying
as ye have asked of me concerning the
signs of my coming
and the day when i shall come in my
glory in the clouds of heaven
to fulfill the promises that i have made
unto your fathers
for as he looked upon the long absence
of your spirits from your bodies to be a
i will show unto you how the day of
shall come and also the restoration of
scattered of the scattered israel right
just a couple things here that we get
out of this first of all
again this is a like we're getting with
the law that we had
last week just like moses put out the
law we get the law
in in in section 42 from last week
right here now he's laying out something
else that we've already had before in a
previous dispensation
so that's that's that's a way of looking
at each of these dispensations in in
we can see it's kind of like if you went
back to exodus you could probably see
things that would be like sections of
the doctrine and covenants
that were being laid out by moses in
that new dispensation
you could get the same thing if you go
back to the time of jesus
because he is not just the savior he is
the head
of a dispensation where the fullness of
the gospel is again
brought to the earth the second thing
about this is he says i will show unto
you how the day of redemption
shall come right and also the
restoration of
the scattered israel well this is this
is like they're the same thing
in a way it's it's a it's a metaphor
right or a simile i guess in this
it is you know the day of redemption is
the restoration of the scattered israel
right in other words it's it's scattered
israel as we've talked about with
covenant before right
there's our covenant with god and the
first half of that covenant is being
separated from him
the second half of that covenant is
being brought back together with him
being restored
to him it's the same idea with
israel as we go through time on earth
we are going through covenant we are
going through the process of
creation of being born anew over and
over again
not just individually but as peoples and
and not just as peoples but as
generations back to the fathers and the
mothers right
this is a way to say look the scattering
of israel
being separated everywhere that's part
of the process
that's what you do because then you can
work at gathering it back together again
that is
creation that's the process of creation
that is the
genesis story of the creation everything
being separated light and dark
water and land right
the waters above the the firmament the
waters below the firmament all the
plants all the different animals adam
and eve are separated
through the rib and then now we're in
then we
turn things and we turn things into a
process of
bringing everything back together of
becoming one but not
the same not the same right it's
bringing everything back together as a
union that is creation
you'll notice that in the world today
you'll see ideologies that want
everything to be the same
right men and women to be exactly the
families to fall apart because that
helps distinguish
man and a woman they want
peoples to be actually the same it's
like no we need to celebrate our
and work with each other with those
strengths and weaknesses that we have
that that's that's charity that is love
that is oneness it's not sameness
it's one heart and one mind by taking
our strengths
which we all have all individuals
all races all peoples all cultures
and strength taking those strengths and
helping others
and accepting that in humility the
strengths that others have
to give to us and we're going to
highlight that in just a minute
so the restoration of israel is part of
the the creation process
and then in speaking of the jews to the
jews of that time
in jesus's period he says this to them
in verse 21 and it shall come to pass
that this generation of jews
shall not pass away until every
desolation which i have told you
concerning them shall come to pass
right so this is exactly what happens in
the year
66 a.d so somewhere more or less
around 30 35 years
from the time of of the resurrection
the jews take over jerusalem
right it's their place their city they
take over jerusalem
they they take it under siege from the
and there's a battle for about four
years and the romans win
of course and and the destruction and
the annihilation is immense
the suffering is immense the death is
and those that remain are are scattered
and so remember we had the scattering
that would have happened
with the 10 tribes about 800 years
before that
from the northern kingdom part of the
process part of the creation process
and now we have the scattering of those
in judah
a little after the time of jesus
he says when this happens there will be
a remnant that will be scattered
among all nations
so why does that matter what what does
that mean
well i i think number one we can talk
about a couple things
we can talk about how the story of the
jews continues in other lands having a
minority of jews in in those lands right
that's that's been a very difficult
thing for them
throughout the centuries the second
thing is
is the mixture of blood that seems to be
important i don't know why
uh i've got a few thoughts on it i'm not
going to go over right now but the the
the mixture of blood that probably
happened from the lost 10 tribes also
seems to come into play on this right
it's the blood of abraham
and maybe the blood of isaac and and
jacob as well that becomes important
and that might have something to do with
the timing of
this last dispensation and when the
gospel was restored
things have to be done in order
and just as we said right you have to
in the summer to have the harvest in the
and so that seems to be part of the work
of of what
needs to happen and then of course he
says the second half of that
the gentiles will help gather the jews
they will help gather israel from all
all nations and then he says this as we
just talked about
charity and differences between people
i think this is a very um
well it's very apt
today in understanding what's going on
it says and the love of men shall wax
cold and iniquity
shall abound so let's think about what
this is this to me
is is modeling trying to model the love
of christ
right it is it is the doctrine of christ
it is
doing what it how is our how can our the
love of men wax cold well of course
through iniquity
right we harden our hearts but i think
another way of that
is that we become tribal tribalized
much more tribalized or nationalized
or or um genderized
or whatever it might be right and what i
mean by that is that we have contention
that there are philosophies of men that
are going to be put into place that
are being put into place now that are
uh practiced and implemented
that turn us against each other i mean
look at us politically
right that's uh one way of tribal
forming tribalism
uh the race issues that are bubbling up
more and more and more
those in power and the elite levels of
of every institution you can think of
want us turned against each other that's
what it seems like to me
that's just gospel by greg but that's
that's how it seems to me
and so it's we we i think it's important
for us to look at
look this is something that's coming
this is something that is happening in
the last days
the love of men shall wax cold
and iniquity shall abound
right so i think we need to be aware not
just of those things that are help us to
are those things that might pull us into
right but those things that will remove
charity from our hearts for others
and and look at philosophies look at
and understand them is this something
that follows charity and the love of
or is this something that is disguised
in something else and and there's a wolf
in sheep's clothing is this a trojan
right i think that's important to look
at from any type of identity politics or
groups uh is
seems to be the direction that we're
heading right now into as it
we were told in the book of mormon we're
breaking up into
and those lines in the sand are be are
chasms in the sand i mean just previous
to this in verse 26 it says and in that
day shall be heard
wars of wars and rumors of the war of
wars and the whole earth
shall be in commotion
so settle on things that are
that require charity that require effort
that require
love told also in these last days that
there is going to be an overflowing
a desolating sickness shall cover the
but that the disciples of christ will
stand in holy places they are going to
separate themselves from the world
it's not going to be an easy thing and
then this is a foreshadowing of what we
can see
for those that are not standing in holy
places that we need to be careful of
right and that is among the wicked men
shall lift up their voices
and curse god and die
now why would they curse god what is the
point there
i think i think it has to do with agency
not that they have the choice of cursing
god but that
because of agency all of this chaos can
enter into the world
and because of agency if i don't use it
i can be pulled into bad places and go
bad situations and therefore
i might curse god because of all of this
because of agency that's just what comes
to my mind
i think it's the same thing in the war
in heaven
right we're doing a uh we're doing on
something that coming up here probably
this week
on on the war in heaven an agency
then here in 33 it reminds me of the
jaredites it says and there shall be
earthquakes also in diverse places
and many desolations yet men will harden
their hearts
against me and they will take up the
sword one against another
and they will kill one another now why
how does that possibly happen how do you
get into that position
it's through hate right it's it's
negative emotions it's allowing yourself
to build up
negative emotions envy hate jealousy
when these things you know reign supreme
with us
in our hearts it's pretty hard to have
and then at this point he starts talking
about look these bad things are going to
but you're going to kind of see this
you're going to know where you're going
to get your bearings
you're going to be able to get your
bearings on where you're at
he says and they shall see signs and
we see the lord's signs and wonders
we're usually mostly thinking of
celestial things right things in
the sky things in
the cosmos right the sun the moon the
other things these are the signs that we
get we think about
sign when you think of signs you think
of like hey man what sign are you
right and that's based on the zodiac
in the sky right those are those are
now i'm not saying that has anything to
do with the science that are coming
i'm saying that that is how the term is
used the word signs
it's usually you're thinking about
something that's up in the sky
and they shall behold blood and fire and
vapors of smoke
and the sun shall be darkened and the
moon be turned into blood and the stars
fall from heaven
you know i'll go over that still at
another time later on in the dnc
but but so these signs have become
important you need to know where you're
and the lord wants to show us where
we're at
and though we might not see signs in the
skies right now i think that we can see
the signs in iniquity we can see the
signs that he talks about
with ideologies that are coming through
and the divisions among people
now in 43 he says the remnant shall be
gathered under this place remember he's
talking as if he is in here
talking to his disciples on the mount
all amount of olives
so in jerusalem talking about that's
that's where the remnant will be
gathered well look what's already
happened to the state of israel
that's not a mistake and they've been
gathering there especially from
the east and the north there
but from all over the world for you know
what give or take about 80 years now and
he says then that
the lord will set foot a mountain of
olives and it will divide asunder
into a big valley right and the jews
will be gathered there
and they will see jesus christ there it
says in 51 and
then shall the jews look upon me and say
what are these wounds in thy hands and
in thy feet
right again they're looking for the
messiah so they're going to say hey
it's the messiah but he's not just a
and he's not just a warrior right to
help save them in it temporally he's a
spiritual savior
and oh he happens to be jesus
christ and he's going to say these
wounds are the wounds with which i was
wounded in the house of my friends
i am he who is lifted up
i am jesus that was crucified i am the
of god now again to me in seeing that
title right there
the son of god he's saying i
am god that came down to earth
and took on flesh remember that's the
issue for the jews with
the messiah with saying jesus is the
they think he's a false messiah but if
that's not the issue
right the issue is that he claims to be
that's why they put him to death that is
kills him when he is in front of the
high priest caiaphas and anas
at the end of his life because he says
that he is the son of god it's not that
he's the messiah
it's that he's saying he's god so that
title here
is very appropriate and then i like what
it says here about the thousand years
that satan will be bound it says and
satan shall be bound
that he shall have no place in the
hearts of the children of men
well it's the same idea as based on us
being prepared and ready and what we do
that is what dictates how the blessings
from heaven come how the
veil is opened to us when are we ready
for the law of consecration
right when are we ready for the second
coming for the
royal procession to come in it's based
us and just as we can open the heavens
we can also bind hell
right bind satan through our actions
through our state of being as well
and that's how he's bound it goes over
the ten virgins which is basically the
some of this time will be ready they
will have the spirit with them
they have their lamps filled and and
many others will not
those that do have their lamps filled
with oil
are they that are wise and have received
the truth
so the members of the church and how and
have taken the holy spirit for their
guide and
have not been deceived
i think it's interesting that's placed
there and that have not been deceived so
it's like
as we're talking about things here about
iniquity and ideologies and and the loss
of charity and love
in the last days if you're deceived
that's where it can take you so we
should not
just be a bumper sticker kind of a
reader of our world
right we need to dig into things and see
what they mean
and where they lead what the intent is
and not just react from a slogan or
a campaign all right then he transitions
here in verse 60
and and starts talking to joseph about
the new testament remember at this time
this is march 1831 uh i believe that
joseph smith
and and uh sydney reagan have only gone
uh genesis at this time in the old
and so now the lord tells them this and
now behold i say unto you as far as
translating it
and behold i say unto you it shall not
be given unto you to know any further
concerning this
chapter so he's not giving more
information about exactly when something
is going to happen in the future the
prophecy is interesting he keeps holding
back on those things
remember nephi wasn't able to go through
certain things because it was
left for the right time and the right
person which was john the revelator
nephi seems to have seen the same thing
that john saw
but he couldn't write about it it was
held back
right here he's saying the same thing
these things that i'm talking about i'm
not it's not you you're not ready to
hear all of this yet
he's going to give it to us when we're
and after talking about the end of the
world basically
the second coming he transitions here in
verse 60 he says
and now behold i say unto you it shall
not be given unto you to know
any further concerning this chapter what
chapter well this is about matthew
right this is what we end up with in the
pearl of great price the joseph smith
matthew right so
the reason is is because it's line upon
line it's precept on precept and so he
it's not for you to know until the new
testament be translated
and in it all these things shall be made
so within a few days after this joseph
smith goes and he translates matthew
the same exact chapter 24 right chapter
and make some changes and some
from what we have in the king james
so it's line upon line precept upon
he wants joseph smith to earn it
right he's got to go back and work
through the bible
so that he can receive the revelation
and then finally here he starts talking
about the new jerusalem and the
gathering of the saints in the last days
to the new jerusalem
he says it shall be called the new
a land of peace well what is salem
right jerusalem is the same as salem
that is what melchizedek called it the
same place
melchizedek was the king of salem salem
shalom right it is the land of
peace a city of refuge a place of safety
for the saints
of the most high god and it shall be
zion so with all this buildup everything
that's happening he's coming back to
where he started the beginning of the
set toward the beginning of the section
here with the city of enoch
right again whole parts breaking it down
and to what it's leading up to which is
the city of enoch
zion and then this is an interesting
statement here he says
it shall come to pass among the wicked
every man that will not take his sword
against his neighbor
so when he's saying among the wicked
he's not talking about the wicked
he's saying those that are out among the
wicked outside of zion
right the gathering of zion says that
every man that will not take up his
sword against his neighbor
think of how we might do that today
maybe with our words
or or with our attitude
must needs flee unto zion for safety
so if you're not going to participate in
destruction uh like with the jaredites
then you're going to have to be gathered
out you're not going to have a choice
and there shall be gathered unto it out
of every nation
under heaven it's just it's a wonderful
that's that's everybody has an
opportunity at this
everybody in this world or the next
that's what this represents to me
and it shall be the only people that
shall not be at war one with another
so as the lord continues to dispense
knowledge wisdom doctrine right
he is giving the saints here their
bearing and
and in turn with us today giving us
our bearing as well as we read through
these sections
and line upon line precept upon precept
section upon section he's telling us
who we are what our relationship is
with god how to improve that and giving
us our bearing
as to where we fit in the whole glorious
plan of salvation
and hopefully that gives us greater
urgency it gives us greater purpose
greater context and like the saints of
1831 allows us to deal better
with the adversity from the world that
we might face
i'll talk to you next time



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