Come Follow Me LDS - Doctrine and Covenants 14-17

Witnesses & Circles

Not all of us witness God, plates, visions, or miracles, but that is the plan. Like concentric circles, we sit out from the center, receiving the Word and witnesses in order to grow, exercise faith, develop hope and give charity. The Three Witnesses did not see God the Father and Jesus Christ. The Eight Witnesses did not see Moroni or the other Nephite objects. But we can pull from their witness.

Without faith, none of us would attain Hope, and there would be no need for Charity. If we all see God or even see the "plates," we lose the opportunity to develop faith and to offer Charity to our fellowmen. Prophets, witnesses, and scriptures are all part of the Word, the DBR. That Word moves from God to the Prophets to witnesses, to the scriptures, to us. The Whitmers, Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, and Joseph Smith all fill these roles. That is the plan. And it's a good one!



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dnc sections 14 through 17 today
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all right going into sections 14 to 17
this is where the whitmers
come on to the church history scene
remember that oliver cowdery
was on his way down to harmony
to meet with joseph smith right he wants
to find out more about the plates
looking to possibly get involved and
on his way down to meet with joseph
smith before he ever starts scribing
for joseph smith he stops with the
and he speaks with peter senior he
speaks with the three boys
being john uh peter jr
and with david and especially with david
and tells them about what's going on
here with joseph smith and where he's on
his way
to help and support joseph smith so
there's been that connection with oliver
and the whitmers early on
during the time that they're in harmony
remember we had just come out of may
here right may 15th where we had
the restoration of the priesthood and
the aaronic priesthood and the
visit from john the baptist going into
june now
what we see is a a stronger and stronger
level of of persecution that's happening
you know and and the claims that are
being made you can think
just think about the gossip that's going
on here
and the outlandish claims really they're
outlandish they would be outlandish to
you they would be outlandish to me
and and so there's there's more and more
persecution going on here
with uh with joseph and oliver so oliver
starts to write
to the whitmers they're asking if they
could possibly take
residence with peter senior the father
to finish the work of translation well
in june they come down
david whitmer comes down and with a
carriage and and a and horses and
says come on grab your stuff come on up
and you can you can stay at my father's
and so they do they they head up to
fayette new york and in uh
it takes about there's about a month
more of translational work that goes on
at that time so they're there during
this time they're translating
we get a better idea here at this point
of what part of the book of mormon
they're translating because during this
time this last
month or so of translation they are
going through
the the book of the abridgement at least
of the book of ether by moroni
and in that book
they come across as they often do with
several other
other passages in the book of mormon
they come across
this they come across ether 5
uh short chapter here but it talks about
the three witnesses let me tell you what
it says here
in verse one ether five it says and now
i moroni
have written the words which were
commanded me again
think about joseph and oliver what
they're thinking about
as as they look back through history
definite history here
and and they see moroni's message that
and it just
speaks directly to them as they are
bringing forth the book of mormon it
i i have written the words which
were commanded me
well here's the words right the gold
plates according to my memory and i have
told you the things which i have sealed
up remember moroni's seal is part of
those plates
apparently therefore touch them not
in order that ye may translate for that
thing is forbidden you
accept by and by it shall be wisdom in
god right
well this is wisdom in god for joseph to
and behold ye may be privileged that ye
show the plates unto those who shall
assist to bring forth the work
right okay so at this time the party's
really involved in assisting the
work are the whitmers oliver cowdery and
of course martin harris
those are the ones that are that are
primarily involved here the the small
circle right of support that joseph has
in verse 4 it says in the mouth of three
shall these things be established and
the testimony of three
and this work in the which shall be
shown forth the power of god
and also his word of which the father
and the son
and the holy ghost bear record and all
shall stand as a testimony against the
world at the last day so
there's got to be witnesses to this
again how does the lord work
not everybody sees everything we don't
all see angels we don't all see god
we don't all have a literal parting of
the heavens for us to see angels and
etc that would never work because we
would never need
faith right that's that's the battle of
of doubt
right that we have and yet we have what
to hold on to
a closer and closer ring if you will to
the throne of god
just like the concentric circles on the
seal of
the brother of jared right we get closer
and closer to the
to the throne of god or the facsimile
number two
and as you get closer and closer to that
you have
the actual visions of god you have the
actual visions of
of uh that the prophets have
right and so then they tell other people
there's some
some additional witnesses that that are
able to hang on to
some of these truths they may not see
everything and then there's those that
tell it by
by first hand that would definitely
believe them their families perhaps
their close friends and people that just
know them and then you go through
more and more concentric circles pulling
further and further out from
the truth from the throne of god if you
will until you get out to
the community right and then people that
aren't part of the community
to other lands other nations other
other times like us now and the further
we get away from that time
the the harder it is to maybe hold on to
it or
on the flip side of that right it's it's
like no one is really a prophet in their
own land
right so so like if i have people that i
really trust
then then maybe i can i can grab on to
that like joseph smith's family does
with him they believe him right and and
but if i'm in his land in palmyra or if
in in or in fayette
right then it's difficult for me to see
that and the closer i get to the person
and the closer i get in time so both
and in in the era in the time
of the person making the claim sometimes
the harder it is to believe
for example many people that are
it's easier to believe the bible even
people sometimes people that are members
of the church it's easier for them to
what has happened in the bible the
miracles that happen in the bible
because it was so long ago and the
longer ago it was
the easier it is to believe well those
things happen then
they don't happen now right that's a
common thing we see in the opposition to
joseph smith
the heavens have been closed there are
no visions of angels
etc and then of course the closer we get
geographically the harder it is to
how can something happen here in my
backyard think about the
the the the the
uh remedies that are sold to us today
and it seems like the farther away they
are the more exotic lands they come from
the easier it is to believe that there's
some incredible
remedy health remedy for us right or
something that was used you know a
thousand years ago
three thousand years ago by the ancient
chinese or the ancient egyptians or
whatever it might be
right oh yeah okay i can believe that
but but something that's today where
there's so much more that i see
and especially in a western scientific
i need evidence right show me the
evidence or i'm not going to believe it
but the same person might believe
something from a long time ago
or from a distant land so you've got
kind of both sides of the
belief both sides of the coin there
so let me get back to joseph smith here
and just quote him
what he wrote about the whitmers as as
they stayed there it says
upon our arrival we found mr whitmer's
family very anxious
concerning the work all right they're
very intrigued
again you can have a complete wall of
opposition against this
or this is pretty intriguing stuff and
and the whitmers fall
fell in the the latter category and very
friendly toward ourselves they continued
boarded and lodged us according to
and john whitmer in particular assisted
us very much in
writing during the remainder of the work
in the meantime
david john and peter whitmer jr right
those are the three boys or the three
sons became our zealous friends and
in the work and be being anxious to know
their respective duties and having
desired with much
earnestness that i should inquire of the
lord concerning them
i did so through the means of the urim
and thumim
and obtained for them in succession the
following revelations
all right and that's where we're going
to get sections 14
15 and 16 here so
dipping into section 14 we get what
we've heard so many times before
already in the doctrine and covenants
right a great and marvelous work
right i am god heed my word quick and
sharper than a two-edged sword the field
is white
all ready to harvest whoso will thrust
his sickle and reap the same is called
of god if you will knock it shall be
opened unto you so we get
a lot of these same messages that seem
to come
to those that are coming into the work
here right at the very beginning of the
new dispensation
and of course if we broaden out the time
period we can put ourselves in their
shoes as well
right you're coming in no matter if
you've been baptized
you know 20 years ago 40 years ago last
you are a part of a great and marvelous
work that's about to come forth under
the children of
men because it's continually growing and
so where do you stand
you know where where are you able to
help out you've been
called if you if you uh thrust in your
suckle and reap the same is called of
god if you knock
it shall be opened unto you these
messages are repeated over and over
again to try and build i think a
to let them know this is me i am god i
am giving you the authority
and the know-how to get involved with
unfurling the dispensation of the
fullness of times
right and and saying and showing them
that the
heavens are opened and available i think
that's a
key message here at the very beginning
of this dispensation they have not been
right unless we want them to be shut
that's up to us
verse 8 and it shall come to pass that
if you shall ask the father in my name
in faith believing you shall receive
the holy ghost which giveth utterance
that you may stand as a
witness of the things of which you shall
both hear
and see and also that you may declare
unto this generation right so this is
the david whitmer this section here
um i think all three of these sections
here are given at the same time through
the urim and thumb they're very similar
they're very short
but again it's it's the holy ghost is
something that is
the icon of these spiritual gifts and
the idea of opening up the heavens has
to do with
the holy ghost and then he says in verse
10 wherefore i must bring forth the
of my gospel right that's i think you
need the fullness of the doctrine of
christ the fullness of the priesthood
from the gentiles unto the house of
so again early on this this idea of what
they're doing
is not about a club that exists right
sometimes we get that feeling in the
church right we're part of the club
it's about getting the gospel out to the
house of israel that's what the book of
mormon is for
the gentiles purpose here in this
scheme of things here is to take the
obviously you have to be converted to it
apply it to your lives
and get it out to the house of israel
now over in section 15 we get something
very similar
this is to john whitmer right and
hearken my servant john and listen to
the words of jesus christ
your lord and your redeemer making it
very clear this is from
him for behold i speak unto you with
and with power definitely calls your
attention right i speak
unto you with sharpness it's direct to
for mine arm is over all the earth
pay attention right i have the power to
take care of all of this
i am lord of the whole earth and you
know brings
to my mind here it's not just the old
it's not just jerusalem it's the new
world also
the arm of the lord is oftentimes used
in metaphor to his power to his strength
maybe even to the savior and and
to his mortal experience and and mission
then he says to him this he says
something a little bit more personal he
for many times you have desired of me to
know that which
would be of the most worth unto you
first of all i think that's something
that's really important here
is that david or excuse me john whitmer
here is
very much in the right state of mind
right again it's not he's not just
asking for things that are uh
are prideful right that they're just he
he's in the right state of mind knowing
what he can do here
that is going to be of most worth to the
lord and to the work
right how what what what is it what am i
going to be able to do here with my
spiritual gifts with my unique
situation here being with joseph smith
and oliver cowdery
the lord continues and he says and now
behold i say unto you that the thing
which will
be of the most worth unto you will be to
repentance unto this people that you may
bring souls
unto me okay that you may rest with them
in the kingdom of my father remember
oftentimes we get the idea of rest for
the sabbath
and we should right because we we see
this as kind of a
a return to the lord here as far as
looking at temple imagery
entering into the rest of the lord so
it's not just an idea
of resting from your work but the idea
rest or the rest of god rest
is is exaltation right
and so we now see
the lord starting to move into this area
here where we're getting close to the
end of the
translation of the book of mormon where
previously he would not allow the
to be given to go out and preach the
right that was a time that was coming
later and of course then we get john the
baptist later on
but early on the gift that joseph joseph
and the gift that oliver had right even
was was to translate the book of mormon
now more and more it's starting to move
the word has been given to you through
the book of mormon
you're now going to take that and you're
going to go and preach
to others it's the dbr that we've talked
about previously
and so we're building up kind of this
we're building up a truth
and a connection of the word that comes
from god you've got moroni coming down
and and and giving joseph smith the
you've got a direct line and sequence of
the prophets that we see in the book of
going back to the time of lehi where
these plates have been moved from hands
to hands they're very particular
about recording this and the last one
who has the book
the plates is moroni and it's moroni
then that brings it to
joseph smith right so that's how the
works you keep it as pure as possible
and in the right hands
and that's what why that's one reason i
think we look at this and say
and joseph smith can say this is the
most perfect book does it mean that
grammatically it's the most perfect or
even that all the words are right right
joseph smith is limited in in in
his mortal state he can't be perfect
with everything
but what it does mean i think is that
it's it's been brought through the hands
of inspired
men from one set of hands to another
and we get that focus in there all the
time remember we get
the idea of one eternal round uh
oftentimes it is
is brought together with the idea of of
the scriptures of the word of god
and so now with the
the book of mormon about to be completed
in this last month of of translation
now we're getting ready to start and now
with the aaronic priesthood
being given to them you know now we're
going to be start getting ready to go
out and
start to preach this word and again that
whole idea of the concentric circles
is where this starts to move to the
whitmers are going to be witnesses to a
number of things here
and and oliver is going to be witnesses
to a number of things and of course
joseph smith has been witness to a
number of things and they've got the
book of mormon as the tool
so now they're going to be able to go
start spreading this out
and that's how this works right that's
how faith works that's how the lord
works that's how the plan works it's
always a small group of people
and then it goes out from there if it
wasn't that way
we've talked about this before we
wouldn't have the opportunity to
faith and we wouldn't have the
opportunity to exercise
the the to to develop the the spiritual
gift of hope
nor would we be able to really give
charity because we wouldn't be able to
relay this to someone else with love
and and use our faith to bring somebody
else up
right the whole plan would be frustrated
if we just received the whole truth
revealed to us in the first place
and we see that that doesn't work so
this unfurling of the word
is going out now step by step as we see
going through the sections of the
doctrine and covenants section 16 here
this one is to peter whitmer jr
and again very similar very short
hearken my servant peter listen to the
words of jesus christ your lord and
redeemer almost the same
words from mine arm is over all the
same idea and the same thing for
uh peter whitmer here is to declare the
his calling is to declare the repentance
to declare repentance unto this people
that you may bring souls
unto me right you're close to this
you're involved you have a certain
witness of what's going on
you're close to the translation process
and and you're going to get
a lot more here right peter becomes one
of the eight witnesses
of of the plates where joseph smith is
actually able to show him
the plates okay and that's where we go
roll into here in section 17 this is
about the three witnesses that we
heard about here in uh aether
chapter five the three witnesses are
going to be oliver cowdery
and david whitmer and martin harris
right as they've come together here at
the end martin harris comes and visits
fayette and and they've read this and
they want to know
can we be the three witnesses is this
possible for us
to be these these people that moroni has
talked about and
and so uh uh joseph smith
asks through the urim and thumb and
section 17 is the answer that he gets to
verse 1 behold i say unto you that you
must rely on my word right again
we're relying on the word which if you
do with full purpose of heart
you shall have a view of the plates
and also of the breastplate the sword of
the urim and thumim which were given to
the brother of jared upon the mount
when he talked with the lord face to
face remember we talked about the idea
the urim and thuma maybe being his two
uh uh you know the stones that he had
for his
ship just my thought right there were
eight different
barges maybe the barge that the brother
of jared used
would those two be the urim and thumb
that he used
you know two of the 16 stones i don't
but they were given to the brother of
jared upon the mount when he talked with
the lord face to face
and the miraculous directors which would
be the leona
which were given to lehigh while in the
wilderness on the borders of the road
see we're going to see from their
that they actually see something else in
here as well
but important to understand this is you
have to clean the inner vessel before
the revelation comes through and so in
verse 2 and it is by your
faith that you shall obtain a view of
even by that faith which was had by the
prophets of
old right so the prophets of old
how did they get their visions how did
they see these things how did they get
the urim and thumb
the breastplate or anything else that
they used how did lehigh get this
this uh your the the directors the
right it's all based on our faith as
we're given these things
now we may not get physical objects all
the time but we are
given the spiritual gifts that these
objects oftentimes represent
if we first exercise our faith
and are worthy of receiving the holy
then he tells them in verse 3 and after
that you have obtained
faith and have seen them with your eyes
right this is a real thing
you shall testify of them by the power
of god
and this you shall do that my servant
joseph smith jr may not be destroyed
that's an interesting
statement right how would he be
does do these witnesses early on give
enough support to joseph smith that they
fend off some of the opposition at least
those that would really go after joseph
or is it something else is it something
that has more to do with his ability to
hold this burden by himself and be able
to get through this
on his own i mean imagine he can't show
anybody anything
and so how much doubt is there how many
times does he hear people whisper behind
his back
is this really is he really doing this
is this fake or
come to him every once in a while with
just real doubts about what he's trying
to do
and what the lord has assigned him to do
now just a few words here on section 17
and the three witnesses and i think that
this is really important for us
and sometimes we skip through that we
don't really you know we open up the
book of mormon we don't read the
pages up front the title page the
summary and
and the the testimony of the three
witnesses are the testimony of the eight
witnesses but i think it's important
for us to go through that and keep that
in context as we read the book of mormon
and understand what's going on here with
church history in the translation of the
book of mormon
section 17 for whatever reason was not
included in the original book of
commandments it was
in the the 1835 version
of then the doctrine and covenants as it
was then called
and several other sections were actually
left out early on
and they were they were from what we
call the or they called to the time the
kirtland revelation book
and these were these were uh revelations
that were given
very early on in for a few years in
kirtland that were also held out
obviously and then and then all these
were brought in
to the 1835 version of the doctrine and
but the accounts from the three
witnesses of what happens brings us some
additional information i think and
concrete it's concrete
and there are there there's a lot of i i
i know a number of
people out there who who who believe
that the book of mormon is historical
it's inspired historical fiction there's
just so many problems with that
idea you know just because we don't have
archaeological evidence of this
per se not not real concrete or
archaeological evidence
but here for example
is is what david whitmer says he says we
not only saw the plates of the book of
but also the brass plates right so
that's in something extra that is not
here in section 17. so they see the
brass plates
and i don't know how much they go
through all this
so the the story that they're getting
through the translation of the book of
mormon that refers to these objects well
they see these objects right the brass
also the plates of the book of ether now
i don't know exactly what
plates these would be these could be the
plates that ether originally wrote on
and that moroni used to abridge from
and maybe there are separate plates uh i
i don't know enough about the history on
or they could be the plates that moroni
did abridge
that were a part of everything
apparently but somehow they're they're
they're separate right they've been made
separate remember that there are
sealed actually sealed closed off plates
that uh joseph smith cannot go to and
and so those could be the plates of
ether the original plates of ether
he says referring to the the place of
the book of ether he says the plates
containing the records of the wickedness
and secret combinations of the people of
the world down to the time of their
being engraved
and many other plates there appeared as
it were a
table with many records or plates upon
besides the plates of the book of mormon
okay so there we are right
we've got different ideas we've got the
brass plates we've got
uh the plates of perhaps of ether that
maybe separate from what was compiled in
the golden plates
and maybe more i mean other other you
know what about the large plates
maybe a sampling of the large plates we
don't know exactly what they see here
this is not
joseph smith that is revealing this to
right this is moroni so we don't know
what they're seeing or
exactly what he's showing them
necessarily we get a decent idea here
but it's not what joseph smith is
carrying around with him
from palmyra down to harmony and then up
to fayette here
right it's it seems to me like it's a
lot more than that
they say also the sword of laban the
the ball which lehi had and the
i saw them just as plain as i see this
bed and in
quotation marks he's striking the bed
beside him with his hand
and i heard the voice of the lord as
distinctly as i
ever heard anything in my life declaring
that the records of the plates of the
book of mormon
were translated by the gift and power of
so this is important because it's not
it goes beyond just moroni showing them
the plates and all the the the objects
it goes beyond that it actually comes
directly from
god the voice of god is telling them
that these things are true that's quite
a witness
it's not just what they see remember
that doesn't always work
real well and later david whitmer as he
is being
interviewed about this and asked about
his witness to the book of mormon what
they had written down as the three
he says yeah the angel moroni stood
before us
our testimony as recorded in the book of
is strictly and absolutely true
just as it is written or just as it
is there written what's interesting is
whatever they see here martin harris is
right he he excludes himself because he
doesn't feel worthy
to be able to receive all of this i
think that's really interesting i mean
think of the intrigue and the curiosity
and then of course the pressure
of of being involved with this and then
not wanting to
to miss out and yet he still
didn't stay with them he didn't feel
worthy it seems to me like the lord
just kind of put up a wall with him
and and said look you're not ready for
this and this happened so often in the
early days of the church especially with
joseph smith about
being ready to receive information and
unless he's in the right state of mind
and has the spirit with him he just
can't do it
so martin harris doesn't see any of this
but later on then joseph smith comes and
finds martin harris in the woods
and they pray together and and martin
harris here has been praying the whole
asking to be forgiven and to have
worthiness to
and purification to be able to have this
and so when joseph comes back and prays
for him a little bit then
he then also receives again the same
vision so to speak
with the angel moroni and with all of
the objects are are unfolded before him
so again it's important to understand
the difference between the three
witnesses that we have here and later
eight witnesses the three witnesses are
given this vision it appears to be a
with the angel moroni there he is the
that gives them this witness and they
hear the lord directly
right the eight witnesses
are not do not see moroni they do not
have this
direct witness spoken audibly by the
they are given the the plates to see
them and handle them
by joseph smith and and so that's that's
a little bit different it's a different
in a way but joseph smith is is so
relieved that's why i say
when you say it would not just he didn't
want the lord doesn't want
joseph smith to be destroyed and this
will help him not be destroyed
i i just i just wonder about the immense
pressure that's laid on him
was sitting as an island with with the
and witness directly of the plates
themselves now obviously oliver cowdery
translating he's realizing very very
quickly there is no way
that he is just spewing this out day
after day
hour after hour right in month after
month with with
the book of mormon it's just not
i'm putting myself in his shoes but i'm
fairly certain that's how he would feel
but still you know i mean as far as
physical evidence
that there nobody else really has a
witness to this
and so now they do and so this burden is
shared and here's what joseph smith says
about it to his parents he writes this
later on he says father mother you do
not know how happy i
am the lord has now caused the plates to
be shown to three more besides myself
they have seen an angel who testified to
them moroni
and they will have to bear witness to
the truth of what i have said
for now they know for themselves so
think of him going forward and what he's
thinking about in the future i'm the
only one that knows this
who else is going to believe me that i
do not go about to deceive the people
they know for themselves that i do not
go about to deceive the people
and i feel as if i was relieved of a
which was almost too heavy for me to
and it rejoices my soul that i am not
any longer to be entirely
alone in the world and that's that's
that's human nature that is just human
nature right there
so again finishing off here
looking at the concentric circles we
find ourselves
you know several concentric circles away
a direct vision of the throne of god or
a direct vision of
like the first vision that joseph smith
had we find ourselves
several concentric circles away from
from a vision of an angel who shows
uh three witnesses the the book of
mormon the gold plates the brass plates
other plates the liahona the sword of
the urum and thumb of man and the breast
the breastplate
um but they saw it and they witnessed it
and they write that down and so we add
that on to the witnesses of the prophets
throughout the book of mormon we write
we we pull again from the bible from the
scriptures that we end up getting
through joseph smith in the doctrine and
covenants here as we're studying
the the pearl of great price
and the testimonies of the prophets and
and the quorum of the 12
all through the ages here and the
testimonies of the latter-day prophets
and and the quorum of the twelve up
until our time today
until it reaches us and and and our
families and whether we were converted
as a child or converted later in life
that is the dbr that is the word that
eventually gets out
to us like the bees of a beehive that
eventually go
they go out everywhere in the world and
pollinate the flowers
and here we are right in the in the
midst of a very important
event here of that dbr of the word
with the with the translation of the
book of mormon
being given to joseph smith with the
primary tool
that is opening up the heavens and is to
all of israel through the gentiles
i think that we can all put ourselves in
the shoes
of these three witnesses and say
at least i can that i also have received
a witness
to the veracity of the book of mormon
and it's not a vision that i have seen i
have not seen an
angel i i have not seen god
right i am several concentric circles
out from that
but again very very few people ever have
that and those that even do
receive a sign so to speak especially
ahead of their faith
are typically doomed to fail
they they haven't prepared themselves
for that sign
and so it's not a bad thing to be
several concentric circles away
from the center of what is happening we
can still have a witness
and in many ways it can be a much more
powerful witness
we will see that all three of these
witnesses fell away from the church
now oliver cowdery and martin harris
they came back to the church
they did and and none of them have
the vision and as we've read some of the
words here from
uh david whitner whitmer they
they've all stood strong with the
witness that they originally had of the
book of mormon
so for us it's an opportunity to see
down the road a little bit go looking
closer to the center of the circle
and and and where the throne of god is
and and and the truth
comes from where it emanates from and
i can grab onto these things i can grab
onto these witnesses
and and the account here that they give
and say okay that's something i can add
on to my testimony
and even though i don't see the physical
i'm in the right place for me to
listen to the word to accept the word to
pray about it to have
faith and to receive the holy ghost and
a confirmation
a witness from the holy ghost that these
things are true
i'll talk to you next time


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