BYU Social Justice Devotional - Reverend Dr. William Barber II

The New Social Justice Fervor for BYU Devotionals

BYU's guest Devotional speaker last week was the Reverend Dr. Willaim Barber II. He spoke of forming political coalitions and a "Moral March" on Washington. While not quite a leftist like Ibram Kendi, Barber is a political activist who preached a political sermon at the BYU Devotional. It was very similar to his Democratic National Convention speech in 2020 with the added fervor of a passionate sermon. While there were many positive points made by William Barber, including reading from the Book of Mormon, this was simply a rallying cry for political activation with political talking points. In the end, the BYU audience gave him a standing ovation. His image was on the BYU home page all week.




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