Hamlet's Mill

hamlet's mill symbolism Nov 02, 2015

I add this link to the text of Hamlet’s Mill, a book written in 1969 by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, only after much thought. It is somewhat of a “black sheep” in the scholar’s world, but I add it as a tool for interpreting and understanding scripture. Though the conclusions may not all be supported by academia, the premise is relevant. The idea of mythology with cosmology as a root is difficult to fully dismiss. Especially for Mormons who have gone through the temple and for those with at least a smidgen of a non-literal understanding of a portion of scripture.

In the temple we combine true principles, rites, progression, creation & cosmology, and myth in its literal sense. Therefore the essay is relevant to us.

It is a difficult read, not just because of its aggressive depth and breadth, but it is just not written very well. Regardless, I recommend it.


Image- (Wikimedia Commons)


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