Come Follow Me LDS- Alma 8-12 Part 1, Book of Mormon (Jun 8 - 14)

"Word Up?"
- Alma teams up with Amulek, a Nephite
- Many in Ammonihah are after the Order of Nehor and want to overthrow the government and the church of God.
- Alma and Amulek teach about Judgemen, the Doctrine of Christ and the Godhead



Raw Transcript

this episode is called word up here we
go alright in this quick media come
follow me episode we will be covering
Alma chapters 8 through 12
here Alma is going to continue his
ministry to the different lands in the
land of Zarahemla right among the
Nephites he's very much a Paul figure in
that respect right they both had the
experience of the heavenly messenger
Paul on the road to Damascus persecuting
the church Alma the younger out on the
road persecuting the church were the
sons of Mosiah they both have this big
experience and they both go out and
preach the gospel around a number of
different cities so even though we don't
have epistles from Alma we do have the
records of his teachings to each of
these people but we see a theme here
that I kind of went over a little bit in
the last episode not that much but it's
a theme that that I I am gleaning from
the book of Alma here that that is based
on the Hebrew root letters D V are right
out of DVR this is something we covered
in the study group this last weekend and
those three letters provide a number of
different words well two of those words
are word or speak and the other is order
and if you look throughout these
chapters here so far starting in chapter
5 where Alma goes out well starts in
Zarahemla that goes out to the different
lands you see this over and over again
and it seems to me that either Alma or
through the abridgement is creating this
theme of
DVR right to beer or devar and you'll
see the word order several times in
these chapters and you'll see this theme
of preaching of speaking the word and
this goes all the way up and through and
Beyond elma 32 right where we get the
seed which is what it's the DVR right
it's the Word of God so look for that
throughout these chapters here look for
the words the word order and look for
the word word or speak or preach and
you're gonna see how he especially at
the end of chapter 12 where we end up
here you're gonna see how this all comes
full circle into the plan of salvation
it's kind of this as we talk about a
hierarchy there's always hierarchies
well the word the logos from Christ or
Jehovah here in this instance to the
prophets to those that are leaders in
the church - each of us as individuals
and sons and daughters of God the word
goes from point to point to point that's
part of the plan of redemption as Alma
calls it and he digs into that here at
the end of chapter 12 so right here it
starts off in chapter 8 verse 1 and he
says and now it came to pass that Alma
returned from the land of Gideon now
remember he had gone - he started in
Zarahemla in his preaching and then he
wants to Gideon after having taught the
people of getting Gideon many things
which cannot be written having
established now this is an interesting
word we get this oftentimes in the
scriptures right and he says here having
established the order of the church well
the church already existed obviously
before Alma established the order of the
church but we get the word order in
there there's our DVR right or DB our
route but established or initiated these
are these are words I've talked about
this before but you know it doesn't mean
that it never existed before we can see
in the scriptures how this is used like
when Christ
offers the last supper that's not the
first time there was that type of a
supper that's not the first time there
was bread and wine offered but he was
establishing it so here he has
established the order of the church in
Gideon just as he has done in the land
of Zarahemla now we get to the tenth
year of the reign of the judges so a
little bit of a timeline here first year
of the reign of the judges you have Alma
on the chief judge seat we get knee
whore again if we look at the the past
from her last couple of episodes we can
see that there was probably already even
during the time of King Benjamin's
speech a lot of contention now maybe it
was resolved for a little while during
that time but there seems to have
already been some internal issues
perhaps mostly with Amalekites but not
completely in year five of the reign of
the judges we have Amla sigh or Amla Kai
and the Amalekites
and the war that they come to with where
they get the Lamanites and fight against
the Nephites a lot of problem soon we've
had all of this dissension going on
right even before nee hoor when Alma the
younger was younger and he was part of
that dissension a major part of the
dissension and the persecution against
the church this rarely stops so from
Gideon he comes back to Zarahemla for a
little bit rest goes off later on to the
city of Melek Melek is out on the
outskirts of the land up near the
wilderness he takes a journey there it's
very good reception so he's had great
reception at pretty good reception is
there a Hema great reception at Gideon
great reception from preaching the word
at Melek many people baptized repent and
are converted or reconverted here again
in verse 4 and he began to teach the
people in the land of Melek according to
the holy order of God so a lot of
success there from Melek he goes to a
city called a Moni ha and this is going
to be a difficult visit here a lot of
LDS scholars say that this is probably a
mullah kite city very possible
with the name of ammon in front of it is
more than likely more a mule kite name
than a knee fight name although it could
be knee fight could actually be Egyptian
but if not a majority at least those
that are in charge mostly of this city
in ammonia and a lot of the followers
and other people there in this city they
are after the order of nee hoor so we
want to keep that in mind we don't get
that reference here from Mormon until
much later after the story but they are
after the order of nee hoor and so what
is the order of nee hoor about remember
it's about a church that does not
believe in the doctrine of Christ they
have a lot of priestcraft and Mormons
going to talk a lot about people getting
money they want to destroy the Church of
God and they want to put the people of
Nephi the Lee Heights and those that
Zarahemla and those that are followed
the Church of God they want to put them
under the fist of tyranny and if we keep
that in mind as we go through this story
here at mo na ha we get a much better
idea of where they're coming from this
is not just all of a sudden Alma shows
up and there's some bad people there
these are people that have a strong
ideological they're ideologically
possessed through a religion that wants
to destroy the Church of God and that's
why they hate Alma and Amalek and that's
why they can't stand what they are
hearing so Alma goes through that the
city of MO and I ha he spit on rejected
and he starts to leave he leaves the
city and this is what Mormon tells us
about the people they're at mo ni how it
says nevertheless they hardened their
hearts saying unto him unto Alma behold
we know that thou art Elma right they
don't accept Alma anyway right because
he's part of the Church of God they have
a different church and we know that thou
art high priest over the church which
thou hast established in many parts of
the land according to your tradition and
we are not of thy Church and we do not
believe in such foolish traditions
so this really is a this isn't like just
trying to convert and this is a major
conversion attempt here to get people
out of a very hateful position and a
very very strong entrenched ideology and
they say we know that you've given up
the judgment-seat tuna fie how therefore
thou art not the chief judge over us so
who are you right you have nothing to do
with us here so while he's journeying
away from em on aha toward a city called
Erinn he's visited by an angel again and
the angel says to him blessed art thou
Elma therefore lift up thy head and
rejoice for thou hast great cause to
rejoice this is very different from the
last visit for thou hast been faithful
in keeping the commandments of God from
the time which thou receivest to thy
first message from him when he had the
visitation of the angel the first time
and then he says behold I am he that
delivered it unto you this is the same
guy this is like Elmo's little personal
guardian angel and the angel commands
Alma to return to Amman aha now why
would he do this this is what Mormon
tells us he says in verse 17 for behold
they do study at this time or we can say
strategize at this time that they may
destroy the liberty of thy people so
there's that right that is nihilism it's
and tyranny they want to take away the
voice of the people that's what is being
discussed here that's what is being
they want to take over all of the lands
of Zarahemla with the order of nee hoor
and with a king democracy a democratic
republic they want nothing to do with it
they want to force everyone to follow
their order we see that throughout the
world oftentimes again a democracy in
the sense that already a voice of the
a government run with Liberty and the
voice of the people is always a miracle
and it's a miracle that's lasted this
long because there's so many force
is that that fight against it look at
what's happened to Hong Kong right
there's there's always a tyrannical
force that wants to get rid of the voice
of the people and again that's probably
why Mormon has this in here right it's
something that that is going to apply to
us very much in these last days how do
we protect the voice of the people so
that's why the Lord says that he's going
to destroy ammonia because they're going
first of all they've become completely
unrighteous right
dripping in iniquity and hate toward
those that are trying to support the
Church of God and Liberty again Mormon
goes through those two things constantly
impaired and combines those two the
liberty of the people the voice of the
people and the Church of God
Christianity so Alma heads back he goes
in through a different entrance of the
city he runs into Amalek who is a knee
fight a descendant of the Lee Heights so
he's not a mullah kite even though his
name is almost like mule ik and the two
of them joined forces and alma teaches a
mule ik all about the gospel and then
they go off like a missionary
companionship to teach in the city and
then we get over to chapter 9 and look
at the introduction here from mormon
about these chapters we're not going to
get all the way through 14 here but this
is about Alma now me like preaching in
MO Neha we're gonna get through chapter
12 but he begins this section Mormon
does with this introduction that says
the words of Alma so again DVR that's
from Mormon and by the way we're at
about 82 BC here as far as a timeline
goes so they began to preach and Alma
begins to preach and here's the response
this is so similar to the way that
Mormon writes about King Noah and the
priests which may have been a precursor
that had spread there of nee hoor ISM
the order of nee hoor and just like the
priests of Noah and and knelt King know
himself they say
to Alma who art thou are we gonna
believe the testimony of one man and
Alma had said that the city was going to
be destroyed if they didn't repent and
they say we will not believe thy words
if thou should say that this great city
should be destroyed in one day all right
another similar teaching to this and
response here is Lehi in Jerusalem right
preaching to the Jews therein in the
kingdom of Judah it's the same thing
they had fought against the doctrine of
Christ there Lehi was preaching
repentance and the doctrine of Christ
definitely teaching and preaching the
gospel of Christ and the Jews there
including laman and lemuel respond to
Nephi and Lehi and say this great city
will never be destroyed and that's what
they say
terrible hearing a man died huh then
they also say who is God that sent up no
more authority than one man among these
people now in some instances here
especially when we get to zis room it's
gonna seem like these are more like
atheists but that's really not the case
now zis room maybe is an atheist but
probably after the order of nee hoor
they have their own church they just
view God very differently so the people
there or at least the leaders are about
to take Elma and he holds them off kind
of like a Bennett I did right and he
says I need to speak so he speaks boldly
and the message he's going to give is
very very similar to the message he
gives in Zarahemla and in Gideon as we
go through this see if you can spot the
parallels from those two cities in verse
9 he says do you not remember that our
Father Lehi was brought out of Jerusalem
by the hand of God so was going back to
remember right and that he was led by
them through the wilderness
have you forgotten so soon how many
times he delivered our fathers out of
the hands of their enemies and preserved
them from being destroyed even by the
hands of their own brother in again he's
putting them into the position of
remembering the past and the hand of the
Lord in the lives of their fathers and
then in 30 behold do you not remember
the words the words which he spake unto
Lehi saying that in as much as he shall
keep my Commandments he shall prosper in
the land again he's going back to
remembering and he's using word he's
using you think of think of the the idea
of the word as something animated right
it's something that travels from person
to person from the Lords of the prophets
to the missionaries to leaders of the
church to the people and between the
people right it's something that is in a
sense alive the seed in that sense is
kind of alive and can be grown and then
he warns them about the future in 19 he
says for he will not suffer that ye
shall live in your iniquities to destroy
his people right so that he knows that
that's what's going on that's who these
people are they are ready for bloodshed
they are ready for tyranny to overthrow
the freedom of the people in the Church
of God and he kind of goes through again
just this process of remember everything
that's happened and into what the Lord
has done for you he's not going to stand
at this point for you to have been given
so much think above everything we've
been given right where much is given
much as expected he's not going to stand
for everything that has been given to
you for you to take that and trample it
under your feet and then he goes right
into of course as he did in Sarah
hemline especially in Gideon into the
doctrine of Christ because that is the
major point that they need to believe in
that they don't believe in right it's
the knee whore principle verse 26 and
not many days hence the son of God shall
come in his glory and his glory shall be
the glory of the only begotten of the
Father so again that title son of God is
an important one it's just reaffirming
that he's going to be born as a person
as one of us and the niha rights here
they very well know what the doctrine of
because they fight against it they argue
against it
just like the priests of Noah they know
what's going on there they know about
the doctrine of Christ and behold he
cometh to redeem those who will be
baptized unto repentance through faith
on his name therefore prepare ye the way
of the Lord for the time is at hand that
all men shall reap a reward of their
works right works very important he's
gone over that before about when he
talked about wages depending on what our
works are we're going to be rewarded for
whatever we're working toward and that's
an important distinction because if you
recall with an evil rights they believe
in salvation for everybody no matter
what and Alma is going to be very
specific here to try and open their eyes
that that is not the case the
opportunity is there for everyone
it's an important principle not just in
in the sense of salvation but in life I
think right we're looking for an equal
opportunity as President Allen a joke
says the Equality of God is the equality
of opportunity not the equality of
results because otherwise that's the
plan of Lucifer right where there really
isn't any agency or Consequences for
that agency there's no ability to grow
and to learn from our failures and to
progress through adversity to make
covenants and commit to them now at this
point they're very upset at Alma but as
a Mielec sees this he steps up probably
on some stage perhaps on his soapbox and
he begins to preach and here's what we
get in verse 34 of chapter 9 it says and
it came to pass that a Melike went and
stood forth and began to preach unto
them also and now the words of Amalek in
TVR are not all written nevertheless a
part of his words are written in this
so obviously mormon abridges what
Alex says and in chapter 10 verse one
now these are the words which amulet
preached unto the people who were in the
land of a man ayah saying I am a mule
Eck I am the son of Godot nough who was
the son of ishmael who was a descendant
of a minute.i who was a very very
important figure that we lose in the
hundred and sixteen lost pages and it
was that same a minute.i who interpreted
the writing which was upon the wall of
the temple which was written by the
finger of God that would have been the
temple of Nephi not in zero hemline and
not in bountiful right that's in the
original settlement of the Nephites
where King Noah was after Zenith
returned there and a minute I was a
descendant of Nephi so here's this guy
if it is a mule a kite city and it's
mostly mule kites that's very possible
but we don't really know that right
again there there's a divide that comes
up through two different things one is a
political divide and that political
divide coincides mostly with the liberty
of the people and what leads that effort
is Christianity right it's the Church of
God now there's a lot of people that
would be over politically with the
Nephites they want to live by the voice
of the people and may not be part of the
church may be a vast majority of them
who knows but politically it's there the
Nephites and then on the other end of
things you have those that become the
amla sites and the or Amalekites and the
Amalekites and the Amalekites and the
king men for a while right and then
eventually down the road it's the gaddy
and robbers so there's a political
distinction here and then there's also a
theological distinction a distinction of
churches where you have the Church of
God and for the most part there's
probably others but they don't seem to
have much power if there are it's the
Church of God and it's the order of nee
hoor and the political divide seems to
go along those two churches the lines of
those two churches that doesn't mean
everyone participates
in the order of the knee horizon-- one
side and the Church of God on the other
but that seems to be the driving force
that is the the religion of each of
those political sites we might say and
he continues here he says a minute I was
a descendant of Nephi
who was the son of Lehi who came out of
the land of Jerusalem who is a
descendant of Manasseh who was the son
of Joseph who was sold into Egypt by the
hands of his brother and so this is kind
of like again his bona fides he's saying
who he is right like Nephi uh you know
starting off I was born of goodly
parents and having desires to know the
mysteries of God etc it's kind of like
if you've ever seen the movie or read
the book the last of the Mohicans right
the main character comes into one of the
Native American villages that is that is
hostile toward him and he's carrying a
belt of beads right to show first before
he begins to speak and the belt of beads
is a record of his people and his
father's right he's actually adopted but
it's it's a record of his people and of
his father's and so that's kind of
what's going on here that's what a mule
ik is saying and.and he's a pretty
successful guy not well known it said it
appears he's saying I've got no small
reputation many friends and I'm very
wealthy because of the hand of my
industry so he's he's respected so he
begins to talk about his visit he was
visited by an angel as well probably the
same one I would guess telling him that
a man of God was going to come to him
Alma so he begins preaching and then in
13 we get nevertheless there were some
among them who thought to question them
Alma and am yulik by that by their
cunning devices they might catch them in
their words that they might find a
witness against them that they might
deliver them to their judges that they
might be judged according to the law and
that they might be slain or cast into
prison so it's the same thing as a been
a die right the exact same thing and
we're gonna see that here shortly almost
the exact same thing happened
and by the way and I'm certainly not
comparing myself to Alma a Melike or
Obinna die but if I ever begin to get
into a discussion suho to with someone
who I would consider to be a big critic
of the church or even an anti Mormon
it's the same thing
they use this all the time right these
kind of cunning devices they go in and
try and catch you up in and trap you in
a scripture they're not looking for
truth they're looking to trap you right
they're not looking for a a real debate
they have a very strong agenda and it's
almost impossible to make it work out
when it's that way right when you your
ideological possession is that strong
that you can't openly discuss something
then it's in most cases unfortunately in
those cases it rarely ever will work out
they'll never stop doing it right they
start off very friendly they open the
door and then it's just attack attack
attack attack it's like they're trying
to bully you it's it's spiritual
bullying and basically so we're gonna
get to this in just a minute the exact
same thing that happened with a bin and
I and it says now it was those men who
sought to destroy them who were lawyers
who were hired or appointed by the
people to administer the law at their
times of trials so am ii lack begins to
speak and say repent you repent you
change your ways
you are ripen iniquity and in that and
the Lord is going to destroy the city
and its role you and here we start
getting the parallels here with a benedi
and the priests of noid says in 24 and
now it came to pass that the people were
more angry with a mule 'ok and they
cried out saying this man doth revile
against our laws right they're going to
use the law as a club this man doth
revile against our laws which are just
and our wise lawyers whom we have
selected and he says look have I
testified against your law you do not
understand ye say that I have spoken
against your law but I have
but I have spoken in favor of your law -
your condemnation right remember AB in
and I was said the same thing right this
is the law of Moses they're following
the law of Moses it looks to me like
they are this is the law of the land but
they've misinterpreted it and they're
not following it and so just like a
Bennett I he's taking that and he's
condemning them with their own law down
in verse 31 it says and there was one
among them whose name was Z's room now
he was the foremost to accuse Amalek and
Alma he being one of the most expert
among them having much business to do
among the people now but points us out
before we go to the next chapter the
object of these lawyers was to get gain
and they got gain according to their
employee so under the law the mote that
Mosiah has put out every lawyer in
charge would get paid based on their
employee well how would you get wealthy
doing that right well you would want
more contention you would want more
problems you would want to divide people
against each other we can look at
politics in almost any country right the
politicians push for an extreme and for
a hatred against another faction all the
time in the US obviously it's mostly the
Democrats and the Republicans and they
both do the same thing they conquer by
dividing because they want more votes
they want more power they want more gain
that's how the system works
it is corrupt right it's better than
most but it's corrupt corrupt in their
message they're not really looking out
for what is best for you usually they're
not always looking out for what is best
for you there is certainly a political
class especially since there are so many
politicians that can and have remained
in office for years decades and then
Mormon goes over something interesting
here at this point so he's talking about
this money and so he breaks down the
Nephite monetary system for us which is
pretty interesting I'm not going to go
through each one of these but basically
between gold pieces and silver pieces
they are used on a system based on a
measure of barley right or of grain so
there's a certain amount of grain and
that that primary unit monetary unit in
gold and in silver is the value of that
measure of grain and then there is what
we call a binary system after that the
next gold and silver pieces are worth
double that amount of that primary unit
and the next one is worth double and
then the next one up is worth all three
of those combined or seven of the
original primary unit so it's built into
sevens remember we talked about when I
was in study group but instead of group
we went over this also there's several
things in the Book of Mormon where they
are built off of the number seven in the
monetary system is one of those and then
it goes over a binary system on the
other way in other words if you say it a
dollar was the primary unit right then
it breaks it down and there's basically
50 cent pieces it's half that unit and
then another half right and so that's
their monetary system and he goes over
that because he wants to show how much
value the highest value is which is an
anti or an aunty looks like an anti by
the way what's interesting is that this
monetary system that Mormon goes over
here is very similar to many ancient
monetary systems you had previously the
laws of eshnunna which were put forth in
Babylonia right in Babylon they were
also built off of a measure of grain
right as the primary unit it was a
conversion of barley to silver but of
course this was not discovered until the
mid 20th century and the way it is a
binary system right the next one level
up is double the amount the next unit is
a double the amount is also the way the
ancient Egyptians did it and it was also
based off of a
of grain for the primary unit and we're
told here in verse 20 think about the
politicians in your country right now it
was for the sole purpose to get gained
because they received their wages
according to their employ therefore they
did stir up the people to rioting 'z and
all manner of disturbances and
wickedness that they might have more
employ that they might get money or
power according to the suits which were
brought before them the lawsuits
therefore they did stir up the people
against element and amulet so this is
what their expert at this is what they
do by the way I'm not saying all
politicians are that way but well I'll
leave it there so then in verse 21 Z's
room begins to question a me like he
says well ye answer me a few questions
which I will ask of you shall ask of you
again some kind of thing this is I've
had this experience many many times over
very open very gentle very nice right
now as these room was a man who was an
expert in the devices of the devil the
accuser that's what that means that he
you know I think that sometimes well it
definitely I mean we hear the word Satan
and devil and and other terms that get
over time put into some kind of a
certain symbol representation of a
certain meaning a certain connotation
right and I think sometimes it's
important to pull back the layers over
time to go back to what it originally is
if we said instead of devil here we said
now Z's room was a man who was expert in
the devices of the accuser I think we
get her better context that he might
destroy that which was good therefore he
said unto a mule ik will you answer the
questions which I shall put unto you and
Alma me like said unto Him yea if it be
according to the Spirit of the Lord and
Caesar says behold here are six on ties
of silver and all these will I give thee
if thou wilt deny the existence of a
supreme being Mormon goes over the whole
monetary system he wants to show you how
much value this is right it's a large
sum of money and by the way
we should be using temple imagery here
right you can buy anything with money
follow that line of thinking temple
imagery all the way through this entire
portion this entire episode that we're
going through and so a Mielec is upset
about this and he says believe us now
that there is no God
I say unto you nay thou knowest that
there is a God he says you though
knowest that there is a God but thou
lovest the lucre more than him so he
knows what's going on he's lit he lives
here in a mana hot so he knows what goes
on here
and he says thou hast lied before God
unto me and says that you weren't even
gonna give me those six on ties that
large amount of money and you're gonna
have your reward now this is building up
to something that's really important in
this an argument that that Moroni is
trying to give us here and so then Z's
room comes back and says they'll say us
there is a true and living God and me
like says there is a true and living God
sees room says is there more than one
God this is important to understand and
he answered no now Z's room said unto
him again how knowest thou these things
and he said an angel hath made them
known unto me and these rooms said again
who is he that shall come is it the son
of God so what Z's room is doing here is
the same thing the priests of Noah did
they are setting him up remember that
the priests of Noah asked Obinna died
what does Isaiah 52 7 to 10 mean that
was their gotcha question they knew what
a Ben and I was going to answer and they
were gonna create the narrative that
because of Enid I said that this
represented the Son of God that it was
blasphemy that God Himself was going to
come down to the earth and be born of a
woman that is what zis room is trying to
do it's the same thing right they don't
believe in the doctrine of Christ to
them that is blasphemy and they're going
to use the law of Moses in that way
against Alma and M yulik claiming that
it is blasphemy
so mu liqu answers and says yay and zis
room says shall he saved
his people in their sins this is a very
important thing to them and a me like
answered and said unto him I say unto
you he shall not for it is impossible
for him to deny his word
so these room goes on here and I'm we
need to read through these scriptures
here and really get the full picture he
says are the people see that you
remember these things for he said there
is but one God yet he hath yet he sayeth
that the son of God shall come so what
is he looking at here he's saying wait a
minute there's only one God that's
probably what they believe going back
all the way to the time of Jerusalem
right where everything was centralized
under the single title and god named
jehovah that's not how it always was
that was the Deuteronomists doing it's
the same thing that's happening here
with the people at em on i hah with the
order of nee hoor so he's saying you're
saying there's only one god but then
you're saying the son of god is coming
down to earth so he's trying to cat so
he's trying to catch him in that right
it's find it that's his trap now some
people say that we don't get the Mormon
or the LDS doctrine here about the three
different individuals in the Godhead and
that it looks more like it as a Trinity
but I think what you need to do here in
reading the Book of Mormon is understand
from their perspective what they're
looking at we're gonna see this here in
a minute also and in these rooms
question here shortly but when we say
that there is one god we mean there is
they are one in purpose and that's an
important thing to understand because
the majority remember that anciently if
you go through the Old Testament you
have you know do not worship idols do
not worship any other God before me and
if you look back at many different
civilizations anciently they had a
pantheon of gods right and they are not
united they're not one they're not one
in purpose at all in fact there's a ton
of shenanigans right that go on between
the different gods to try and explain
really more like human nature and the
elements I mean almost every story and
myth that we get in Greek mythology and
in Roman mythology in the Gods is about
betrayal from one God to another it's
about revenge
it's more of a reflection of the image
of man put up and projected to heaven
instead of an image of God from heaven
projected down to man and so in some
ways it was very important to say even
today that there is only one God when we
talk to most Christians and they say oh
well you are not monotheists right you
believe in a plurality of gods well it's
that's a little bit difficult to
describe right we do believe in three
different personages and by the way so
did the ancient Jews and in children of
Israel and we do believe in the hosts of
heaven that existed in the premortal
life and that there was a hierarchy
there but just as Jesus says in his
intercessory prayer in John as he
praised in the Father he says I pray
that my disciples here can be one with
me just as I am one if had one with you
what does that mean one heart one mind
not sameness all different but one in
purpose one in commitment and we get a
little bit more flavor to that doctrine
here in just a minute
so again recapping zis room says here
see that you remember these things for
he said that's a mule ik he said there
is but one God yet he sayeth that the
son of God shall come so he's saying
there's a problem there but he shall not
save his people as though he had
authority to command God so think about
where these room is coming from and who
he's talking to
these are a lot a lot of these people
are niihka rights
and they believe in no judgement there
is no judgment everybody is going to be
saved so when he says that he will not
save his people that to them is a direct
threat against their theology look for
part 2 of Alma 8 to 12 where we really
delve in to the doctrinal disputatious
here between Alma Amalek and zis room
and the people of ammo and I huh I'll
talk to you next


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