Philosophies of Men Cruise

"We Needed This!"

- Rachael M.

"Philosophies Of Men" Cruise

"We needed this!" - Rachael M.


Join Greg Matsen and  Bruce H. Porter on a life-changing trip preparing you and your family against a "Woke" world.


"Philosophies of Men Cruise"

November 9-16, 2024

Mexican Riviera

Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta


The Philosophies of Men Cruise will immerse you in truth, envelop you in the Spirit, and give you the knowledge and tools to help you and your family distinguish the Doctrine of Christ from the faulty "Woke" deceptions of the growing social ideologies currently plaguing our society, church, and families.

These philosophies that drive our culture today are like the “mists of darkness” in Lehi’s Dream, causing many who had “commenced in the path” to “lose their way, and they wandered off and were lost.” This inspirational experience is designed to help you and your family hold to the Iron Rod with awareness, reason, and faith. Join Greg Matsen, founder of Cwic Media, and historian Bruce Porter on a positive, spiritual voyage that will give you the knowledge and tools you are lacking in fighting the “Philosophies of Men.”


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