Ruby Franke & Jodi Hildebrandt - Truth, Principles, & Change

The Amazing Story Of Ruby Franke, The "YouTube Mom" Of 8 Passengers YouTube Channel With 4 Million Subscribers, Meets Jodi Hildebrandt. What Changed?

Ruby Franke had it all. 4,000,000 YouTube Subscribers, large corporate sponsors, and everyone loved the "YouTube mom." Then she hit a wall. A wall of truth, principles, and change when she met Jodi Hildebrandt. Ruby decided to change her channel's focus from appeasing mother to principled mother. Suffice it to say, no one liked it. Her large corporate sponsors bailed, her fan base shrunk, and the hateful mob came out to attack.

In this episode, we talk about the principles that Jodi taught Ruby, Ruby's transformation, and why they are now teaming up. Jodi and Ruby are rare eggs. They stick to their guns and decide to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. Join us as the three of us talk about personal responsibility, our false perceptions, and how truth can actually change our lives.




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